Is It Wrong To Be Wrong?

Some people work their way to the top, others to the bottom – isn’t that the general way of it? For me – speaking personally now – it was a case of working my way to the bottom. I always knew I’d get there in the end. ‘What’s it like?’ you might ask, ‘what’s it like to be in a perpetual hurry to do Satan’s will?’ You might well ask, you might well ask. ‘What’s it like?’ you ask, ‘what is it like to be a tireless worker in the cause of evil?’ I knew that I would get there in the end of course. In a way you could say that I was always assured of that! Some people work their way to the top, as we know, whilst others – equally determined in their own way – work their way to the bottom. This reminds me: I saw a face in the sky the other day – the biggest face I ever saw in my life! I wonder did you ever see a giant face in the sky? Did you ever see a giant face in the sky looking down at you? A giant face that was looking in on you? Do you know what that means? Do you know the significance of this particular vision? What does it make you feel when you see that giant face? What emotions run through you? Is it fear? Is it wonder? Is it joy or is it terror? It depends upon how much you’ve got to hide really doesn’t it? How much have you got to hide? Not that it’s any of my business of course – I’ve got enough problems of my own without having to worry about anyone else’s! You’ve got your problems and I’ve got mine. I’m not judging here – that’s not the sort of person I am. I’m not a judging sort of person. It’s not actually any of my business really is it? It could be anything really. It could be anything. Is it wonder or is it fear? And remember, there’s no judging involved here. That’s not really the point now, is it? Judging’s not the point. Some people aren’t good and others bad you see – it’s not like that at all. For me it was always a case of working my way to the bottom; it was a sort of personal odyssey, I suppose you could say. Some people will criticise, of course. I’ve noticed that. Criticism comes easily to their lips. You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that, they will say to you. They will tell you very seriously that you are doing ‘a thing that isn’t right’. A ‘not-right thing’. ‘Is it wrong to be wrong?’ I ask myself. Is it so very wrong? Is it wrong to be wrong or is it okay? And if it turns out that it actually is wrong to be wrong after all, then maybe that’s okay. Maybe that’s not wrong. Still, who am I to criticise people for criticising, huh? Do I really have the right to do that? People will come up to you and ask, ‘What’s it like to be in a perpetual hurry to do Satan’s will?’ they will ask, genuine curiosity in their eyes. They really want to know. You can’t tell them anything though – you can never tell them anything. Perhaps you’d like to. I don’t know. Probably not though – life’s hard enough anyway without having to explain yourself to others.







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