Nobody Likes A Telepath

Nobody likes a telepath. I laugh as I reflect on the undeniable truth of this statement! Of course no one likes a telepath. Of course a telepath is always going to be shunned by normal, decent folk. That’s a truism – people will always shun a telepath. And this isn’t because of any kind of dumb ‘fear of the mutant-‘ type business like we see in the X-Men movies. Oh no. The reason behind it is much more prosaic than that – it’s simply because none of us wants anyone else to be reading our loathsomely scurrilous thoughts. It’s as simple as that – we’d be embarrassed. We’d be more than embarrassed, we’d be humiliated to the core…


I know this and you know this, and there’s no point in saying otherwise. That’s just the way things are. We all – and I am speaking on behalf of more or less the entire human race here – love to hang out with people who aren’t telepaths, people we can’t tell what we’re really thinking. That says it all really doesn’t it? That just about says it all. We love to pretend, essentially, and we most certainly don’t want to be caught out in our pretending! It’s a very uncomfortable thing to be pretending, and believing in one’s own pretending (as we do), and then at the same time be aware that there someone out there knows that we are pretending, knows that we are lying. No one likes that you see, nobody likes that at all.


That makes me think about all that stuff that they used to put on the Internet about how fluoride clogs up the third eye and prevents us from being able to have psychic vision, or whatever we want might to call it. We were all getting so outraged about that, how stupid and malevolent the government is and all sorts of stuff like that. The ridiculous thing about all of this however is that no one actually wants to have their third eye opened anyway! That’s the last thing anyone wants! We’d have to see the truth about ourselves then and that would come as a very big shock. That would come as a very big shock indeed, I can tell you! Fuck that, right? Fuck seeing the truth. Can you think of anyone you know who genuinely wants to have their third eye opened? Sure, we talk about it. We never get tired of talking about it, but that’s because we’re yappers. That’s the only reason we go on so much about it – because we’re yappers!


That’s why we like to talk about spiritual stuff so much. Did you ever hear so much talk? Did you ever hear so much mouthing off? If the amount of spiritual blogs and conscious websites and inspiring quote-sites and YouTube mindfulness and internet gurus and online seminars is anything to go by then we would have to assume that the human race was rapidly approaching enlightenment. But no, it’s not, it’s simply that we love to yap. No other human activity brings us such joy. All those spiritual bloggers aren’t blogging because they love to disseminate spiritual truths; they’re blogging because they love to yap. Or should I say because they love to pretend? Spiritual types are the worst, aren’t they? We love to pretend that we’re so damn spiritual, and that we’re not just gobshytes looking for some kind of crappy temporary advantage in life so we can kid ourselves that we’ve got something going for us and feel good as a result.


Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I have to say. I don’t know what else to say, to be honest. It’s a tale relating to the loneliness of the telepath, who is shunned at every corner. It’s an everyday tale of the unbearable loneliness of the long-distance telepath. A tale of loneliness, a tale of loneliness.  I don’t know what else I can say. Just that it’s all about playing the game that we all love to play even though we hate it – even though we hate and despise it and hate and despise ourselves too for playing it when there was never any real need to go down this road! We just did. We just did go down that most loathsome of roads and there’s nothing else anyone can say on the subject. There’s nothing else I can say on the subject anyway! I’m done here…






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