The Old Microchip

Do you know that bad old feeling where you’ve got a microchip buried deep in your brain and it’s controlling all your thoughts and keeping track of you wherever you go? The microchip is the sinister controller. It is the sinister controller and it controls every single thing about you. It controls your perceptions, it controls your memories, it controls the impulses that you act upon, it controls who you understand yourself to be. It is the sinister controller and because of its influence nothing you see is true, nothing you see is real. Because of its sinister influence you never even glimpse reality. You may remember it once in a while, but then the microchip makes you forget it again. It makes sure you always forget. We’ve all got microchips in our brains these days haven’t we? Haven’t we? Haven’t we? Haven’t we?


Or maybe you’re mental health professional and you don’t believe you’ve got a microchip buried in your brain? Maybe you know better than that? I’m laughing now you see, I’m thinking ‘you poor deluded bastard – that old microchip sure has got a grip on you!’ Mental health professionals are the worst for thinking that they’re not deluded! They’re the very worst for that. By definition they’re not deluded – they’re on the wrong side of the fence for that. ‘Oh no we’re not deluded,’ they all say. ‘not us..’ Well I’ve got news for you – you’re micro-chipped more than most, buddy. You’ve got an extra special microchip in your brain and it’s controlling every single thing about you! You are the microchip’s stooge.


On maybe you’re a psychiatrist and you’re thinking, ‘I’ve got some medication that can fix that!’ You are reaching for the prescription pad. You’ll have that sorted out in a jiffy. Everyone knows that microchips in your brain aren’t real! Only it just so happens that it’s the microchip that’s telling you that. It’s the sinister old microchip that planted the idea in your head. The same way it plants all the ideas. The microchip is controlling every single thing that you believe so do you think it’s going to let you believe that your thoughts aren’t your own? Do you really think you’re ever going to be allowed to see that? You have got a microchip the size of a brick in your head and you are never going to know it. It’s a wonder there’s any space left there for your brain at all! No way are you ever going to be allowed to know what’s going on…


Do you know what another name for that old microchip is? Folk also call the microchip ‘the thinking mind’ and THAT’S what runs you. It controls everything you see, everything you believe in. It feeds you a false version of what’s going on every single day of your life. Whatever you believe you only believe because the thinking mind tells you to believe it. Isn’t that obvious? Do you imagine that it will ever give you a chance to glimpse reality? Is that what you believe? How naïve we all are! How bloody stupidly naïve. Do you ever stop to think that? Do you think ‘I’m such a damn fool for believing my own stupid thoughts all the time?’ Of course you don’t think that. Do you really imagine you will be allowed to question your own thoughts?  Do you imagine you will be allowed off the leash like that? The microchip is real. It’s real and whatever you think is happening isn’t…







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