Servants Of Evil

So anyway, so anyway there I was thinking away, thinking away, thinking away, firing on all cylinders, trying to work out the thing. Trying to work it out in my head. And where else would you be trying to work it out, I hear you say? Where else indeed, where else indeed. There I was thinking away, thinking away, trying to work out the thing. Did anyone ever work out what the thing was, I wondered? Did anyone ever? This of course made me think of all the people in history who have said that they have worked it out, all the people who have gone on record as saying (in a loud voice) that they have worked out the thing. The dirty liars! Hey guess what folks – I’ve worked out the thing! It’s all in my new book. It’s all in my latest online seminar. It’s all in my new religion. Gather around and pay attention. History is littered with those people who have said that they’ve worked out the thing, is it not? What a shower of bastards, huh? What a bunch of good for nothing conniving shysters! Can you believe the nerve of them? The dirty fuckers. The cheap low-life pricks. Anyway I decided not to go down that road. I decided not to waste my time thinking about all those people in history who have claimed to have found the answer and I went back to trying to work it out for myself. Could we say that the thing is that we can’t work out the thing? Would that be a type of a thing in itself? Kind of a negative thing but a thing nonetheless? But straightaway we know that this is far too easy, do we not? It’s a worthless gimmick and entirely unconvincing to boot. So perhaps the thing is that we have to keep on trying to work out the thing even though we know we can’t? Is that the thing? But no – that’s just meaningless bullshit. That’s not the thing either. There isn’t  a thing and that’s the whole point. There’s no thing. So then we might come back full circle and – whilst acknowledging that in reality there isn’t a thing – suggest that psychology of us human beings is such that we need to have thing to believe it even if there isn’t one. Could this be true? Could this be the case? But that’s clearly a complete load of bollocks too because what always happens then is that everyone becomes super-heavily invested in believing that they really have found out what the thing is even though they know only too well, in the very core of their being, that haven’t  found out anything but are in fact only lying to themselves. Like the cheap pricks they are. The denied knowledge festers within us in this case, immediately causing us to become the servants of evil. Some things in life are infallible and this is one of them: if you deny the inner knowledge then that inner knowledge will fester away within you and you will straightaway become a servant of evil. If there was ever an absolute law in the universe then this must surely be it! When we deny our inner ‘knowing’ then we straightaway become the tools of Satan. Pretty straightforward, huh? Who in their right mind would deny this? Isn’t that what we can see going on all around us every day of our lives? Folk denying their inner knowing and becoming in this way the hapless tools of Satan? How else can we explain society?







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