What ‘Normal’ Means

Here’s a funny thing that I only just realised – people don’t care about what’s true at all, they only care about what everyone one else thinks is true. What do you think about that then? I mean, what is there to think about that? Where would you go with that? If you were to care about what is really true then that would be hugely socially awkward; it would cause great embarrassment, to say the very least! It would be like, ‘how do we tell this person that they haven’t got any trousers on?’ It would be like ‘how do we tell this person there that they’ve got a great big bogey hanging out of their nose?’ I mean, like a really huge one. About the size of the size of a fair-sized continent. Gondwanaland, perhaps. Oh dear, how do we broach this. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Only you wouldn’t, would you? You wouldn’t want to broach it, you’d just walk away. You’d beat a hasty exit. ‘Oh yeah, I’ll see you later buddy,’ you’d say – ‘I’ll catch you later, right?’ What does this say about us anyway – the fact that we don’t have the least bit of interest in what happens to be true but only in whatever everyone else thinks is true? That has got to say something pretty remarkable about us, hasn’t it? The fact that we never actually give the slightest thought to the question of what might be really true. Not a flicker of thought, not a flicker, not even the slightest flicker. Not ever. Not ever. And that’s considered to be normal! What am I saying here – that IS normal. It’s absolutely normal. It absolutely is normal, without any question. That’s what normal is, that’s what normal means. It means that it becomes hugely socially embarrassing (and what other type of ’embarrassing’ is there?) to be interested in the type of truth that is true because it actually is true, and not because there is general agreement on the point! Oh dear that’s awkward. That’s so awkward. Goddamn it, that’s awkward! Oh dear, oh dear. You’ve got a great big bloody old bogey hanging out of your nose. Swinging wildly around the place like some kind of pendulum on a big old grandfather clock! Only of course no one is actually going to say that it is socially awkward because this guy is saying something that (very embarrassingly) happens to be what is actually true and that this is therefore a tremendous faux pas. A social gaffe of truly astonishing proportions. That’s not how we see it, needless to say! We just feel uncomfortable and we don’t know why. We feel uncomfortable and we don’t want to know why. That’s the very last thing we want to know – we’re looking the other way. ‘Quick, quick everyone  – look the other way!’ People love looking the other way, don’t they? It’s a wonder we don’t all get a royal pain in the neck! Maybe we all do go around with a pain in the neck, metaphorically speaking. Maybe we are all going around with a metaphorical crick in the neck the whole time. Look the other way, look the other way. It’s all so awkward isn’t it? So very awkward, so very awkward. Let’s just pretend that it never happened, shall we? That would be best. We’re good at that, after all. We’re good at pretending…







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