Negative People

I’m not a negative person, even though people say that I am. That’s a joke of course – I know negative people always say they’re not! Negative people always blame the person who tells them they are being negative and say instead that it’s them who are negative. That’s just one of those things, isn’t it? It’s just one of those things. Life’s a funny thing isn’t it? You could go around the place being totally negative the whole time and never have a clue, just as you could go around being a complete arsehole and never know it. You’re always convinced that the other guy was the arsehole! You are always running around acting like a dick to everyone else and laughing at them for being knobs when the whole time it’s you that’s the knob! You’ve got it completely back-to-front and you never realised it! What is that all about? How is it even possible to do that? And what’s the actual meaning of the experience you are having as you run around doing that? You think the meaning of your experience is that everyone else is a dick but not you and that everyone else is always fucking everything up and doing things against you and that you are pissed off and rightly aggrieved by the way everyone is behaving and because of the fact that they’re dicks but needless to say this isn’t a genuine experience at all because you are simply lying to yourself. Let’s not mince words. So what is your genuine experience therefore – the experience you are having even though you don’t consciously know that you’re having it? What is your unlived experience of being in the world and of being an arsehole unbeknownst to yourself, in other words? You take my meaning I’m sure. What’s your real experience? People don’t usually look at things this way of course. If we meet someone who is acting like a complete knob head we laugh and we say ‘that guy is a total knob head’ and – more than this – we think very much that this is the whole story, that the man is a twat or a knobhead or a tosser or whatever and that that’s all there is to it. But that’s not true – your experience of the guy is that he’s a dick but that’s only your experience and the chances are that your experiences are totally delusory and inauthentic just like his are. I mean, who’s to say, right? Who’s to say. He’s only doing what you are doing right now, after all – you’re thinking that he’s a dick and he’s thinking the exactly same thing about you!  And how do we know which version of reality is right? Who’s to say? Actually, isn’t because what anyone ‘is’ at any one time is the true experience of themselves which they’re not connected to but which is the ‘true’ experience all the same because truth isn’t dependent on whether we are connected to it are not. Obviously! And as we have just established, what’s true for your man is true for you too because the experience you think you’re having isn’t really that. That’s the cover story, that’s the convenient lie that you’re telling herself. Your real experience is unknown to you and that’s your ‘unlived life’ – the ‘life that you’re living without knowing that you’re living it’. You’re being one thing and you’re thinking you’re another, and so is he. That’s what we are all doing, and there’s no getting away from it. So what’s the meaning of all of our experiences, huh? What’s it all about? Do you ever wonder about that?







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