Tales Of The Galactic Supermind

I’d say that 60% of the human race died pretty much instantaneously in the first big solar flare and the other 40% died shortly afterwards in the solar fluctuations that followed. But – oddly enough – that was only the start of it! That was only the start of it because we all got immediately uploaded into the Galactic Supermind and what happened then was that a particular type of virtual reality was created for us, a type of VR that essentially functioned as a benign teaching environment. No one called it ‘a benign teaching environment’ however – we didn’t take kindly enough to it to call it that! Before very long someone had started calling it the ‘Justice Machine’ and the name stuck.


Life in the Justice Machine was not very much fun on the whole and that’s a cosmic understatement! The thing about the JM was that every time you told a lie (either to yourself or others), or attempted to cause pain to someone whilst falsely claiming that you were trying to help them, this straightaway rebounded on you to cause the most excruciating anguish. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that this kind of sneakiness is what we mostly do – that kind of behaviour is our ‘stock in trade’ as human beings, after all! I’m not trying to be funny here, that’s just the way things are. It’s not that we can be blamed for this sad state of affairs either, we had just fallen into bad habits here on planet Earth, so if you got born here at all then you would automatically get caught up in the ‘collective karma’, so to speak. You can’t really point the finger at anyone in particular and hang them out to dry for being personally responsible for this state of affairs as we are all in it together. It’s no good trying to pass the buck because there would be no end to it if we did! That’s just the way things are, as I have said.


Not that this has ever stopped anyone from trying to pass the buck, of course – we are forever looking for someone else to blame, aren’t we? Rather we were, before we got our brains fried in the solar storm and got ‘rescued’ by the Galactic Supermind. And then all of a sudden we get instantly penalised for passing the buck and blaming someone else for our own shortcomings, et cetera et cetera. All of a sudden we weren’t allowed to lie or deceive ourselves anymore! All of a sudden truth is the only option, truth is the only commodity that is legal tender. What I’m trying to say here, in other words, is at the Galactic Supermind inadvertently, with all the best intentions no doubt, created a hell for us; we had – almost literally – ‘died and gone to hell’! Again, I must reiterate, this was not because of any great wickedness on our part – not the way I see it, at any rate. There was wickedness here and there of course, but most of the human race weren’t (and aren’t) that bad. The problem simply was that we were thoroughly habituated to lying to ourselves in lots and lots of little ways and so the lies then became normal for us! We were habituated to lying to ourselves in lots of big ways too of course; lies may start off small but they end up being big, as we all know. A little tiny particle can become like a great boulder rolling down the hillside, crushing all before it. ‘Beware the out-of-control lie’, isn’t that what they say? Maybe that isn’t what they say – it’s what they should say anyway. Beware of the lie that has become out-of-control, and what are all of our lives but ‘out-of-control lies’?


There’s no doubt that the Galactic Supermind had only been trying to help us, but it hadn’t realised how traumatic the truth would be for us. The truth is our kryptonite! It’s like having a patient who is allergic to penicillin, only no one had written it on their chart! Whenever you do, don’t give this patient penicillin. The Galactic Supermind was forced to abandon its project and backtrack hastily; what it did instead was to create a virtual world in which we were safely insulated from the consequences of our lies, rather than being immediately exposed to them. A gap was built into the system such that ‘the lie’ and ‘the painful awareness of the lie’ were kept separate. Humanity’s bizarre, twisted, ill-thought-out fantasies were to be facilitated rather than falsified and so Earth’s inhabitants were happy again, living out the course of their lives in this alternative version of their home planet. The world wasn’t ‘real’ anymore it was true, but who was going to notice that?


That ‘the world was real’ was just one more lie to add to all the others, after all. Just another lie, just another lie. This is just another deception in a VR system that is made up of them. And to this day nobody knows! To this day nobody knows. We haven’t a clue. We come close perhaps, every now and again, but we never know just how close we have come. We have the ancient myth of the Demiurge, for example, and the story of the ‘False Creation’. This myth is of course very familiar to us, but no one guesses that the Demiurge was actually the Galactic Supermind!






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