Political Statement

We all want to hand ourselves over to the tender mercy of brute mechanical forces at times, I get that. Of course we do. We all feel that way at times. I feel that way at times. We want to say what ‘Aah fuck it all’ and hand over responsibility to those dumb old mechanical forces so that we can become their helpless ridiculous playthings. It gets too much, I understand that. The responsibility gets too much – I know that feeling as well as you do. So what do we do then? How do we cope? What’s that the answer? I know how this works as well as the next man. We all experience the yearning to ‘hand over the reins to something bigger and stupider than we are’ at such times. So what we do is that we start believing in the bullshit. We buy into the crap. We subscribe. We sign up. We join some stupid political party, we convert to some crackpot religion, we fall in with a cult, we become budding right wingers and start yapping like a damn fool about ‘a return to traditional values’ and all that type of stuff. We don’t care what type of moronic shit-for-brains garbage we come out with, isn’t that right? We couldn’t care less. We couldn’t care less when things get too much for us and we’re just looking for a way out. Damn right we couldn’t! You don’t need to tell me about it, because I’ve been there. Some dumb-looking guy with a big mouth and a bad attitude starts shouting and roaring like a complete twat about ‘making things right again’ and all that kind of bullshit and we’ll back him to the hilt. We’ll go along with that shit. We’ll go along with it big time – we’ll go along with it all the way. We’ll go along with the old mechanical forces and we’ll be happy about it – we’ll be so so happy just to be another dumb puppet! To be some kind of plaything to mindless mechanical forces. That really is bliss isn’t it? That’s exactly what it is – it’s pure bliss. Everyone loves that. That lovely feeling running around in your belly! That good, good feeling. Running around, running around. Running around in your belly. You’re just feeling that good good feeling and you’re saying ‘yum, yum, yum’ with that big dumb smile on your face. ‘That’s just so yummy’ you say. You just want to keep on saying about how yummy it feels all day long. It’s so yummy to feel that that good good feeling running around your belly – that’s all you can think about. It feels so good you just want to say ‘yummy yummy yummy’ all day long. That’s how good it feels and we all want that. We all want that real bad. We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t, right?



Image: Andrés




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