The Rules Of Dreaming

I was on a mission to the false world Mondo-621348C and the mission had been compromised right from the very beginning. It was an undercover mission, a deep-cover mission, but they saw me coming right from the word ‘go’. I was on a mission to the false world but it wasn’t me. I never did it. I was on a mission to the false world but it was all just a scam. I never had a chance – none of it was true. It was all lies right from the very beginning. They had my number, they had my card marked, they had me clocked right from the start.


The Ship’s Drive had malfunctioned and I had become a human being. All the crew had become human beings. We had become humans and our fate was to scrabble around in the dirt, prey to innumerable diseases and conditions, until eventually we died. Such was our fate, such was our fate. I know it is a tradition under these circumstances to blame someone for this, to say that it is their fault and that they shouldn’t have done it. It is a tradition of course to blame a woman – that’s always the way it works isn’t it? Eve shouldn’t have eaten the apple; Persephone shouldn’t have nibbled on the pomegranate; Pandora shouldn’t have opened that bloody box. Sophia shouldn’t have chanced her arm trying to psychically emanate a higher being on her own, without a partner! If only they hadn’t, right? If only they hadn’t. This is the ‘Cosmic Disobedience’ paradigm, as we all know very well. The Father is all about making and enforcing rules and the primal disobedience myths are all about what happens when we disobey them…


It’s all utter nonsense of course! There’s no ‘mistake’, there’s no ‘error’, there are no ‘accidents’. Accidents don’t exist, do they? Not in the Cosmic Scheme of Things they don’t. The Ship’s Drive hadn’t malfunctioned – the error was always meant to have happened! It was always means to have been that way. It had been written into the Cosmic Blueprint right from the very beginning – that’s how the Ship’s Drive functions – it functions by malfunctioning, it functions by ‘going wrong’! So even though my mission to the false world was a scam, it was at one and the same time perfectly legitimate. It was a very genuine and important mission, and even though there wasn’t (and never had been) any chance of success, there was every chance of success! The plan was in total and utter disarray and yet everything was still running smoothly. Even though the mission had been fatally compromised, all was it should be.


I had no idea what happened to the rest of the crew. The communication-net was down and couldn’t be rebooted – the codes had all been lost. Emergency protocols had been triggered and all information relating to the mission had been wiped. The false-self system had been activated and no one knew who they were any more. The Rules of Dreaming had been set up and these were the rules we all had to obey. The Rules of Dreaming had been established and there was nothing for it but for us to dream as hard and as fast as we could. I was the Phoney Self and nothing I said was true – lies came out of my mouth as soon as I opened it! All coherence had been lost, coherence had been shattered like a pane of crystal glass hit by an iron mallet, and yet everything was still proceeding perfectly to plan…






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