Bodies For Hire

Demons possessed human bodies and took them for their own. Some of them ran amok and gorged themselves in a short-lived frenzy of evil-doing, whilst others – cleverer in their ways – burrowed deep into society and took up the mantle of social respectability, investing a great deal of care and attention in this façade. As I say, these were the cleverer sort of demon, demonic beings that actually had some kind of smarts. They knew they could have more fun if they played the long game, the clever game…


The problem is of course that we human beings are far too easy to possess; we make it far too easy for any demonic entity who wishes to take up residence in us. We couldn’t make it any easier if we tried. We don’t value our true selves at all – we give ourselves away to every dumb idea that comes along without even a second’s hesitation. We’ll go along with whatever lame fad it is that might happen to be in fashion at the time. We are anybody’s – we’re bodies for hire, we’re bodies for rent, and we don’t even get anything for it. Quite the contrary is true – far from getting something in return, we get ruined, we get duped, we get led off the cliff edge to certain disaster in our millions.


Is it any wonder therefore, that so many demons walk amongst us? I ask this question in all seriousness – is it any wonder that so many demons walk amongst us? Is it any wonder that the world is the way that it is? We hear it said, time and time again, ‘Oh, look what’s happening – the rich are getting richer every day whilst the little that the poor man has is taken away. The divide is getting greater. On the one hand a tiny minority live a life of obscene opulence, whilst on the other hand the majority of men and women are compelled to work like machines for less and less recompense, and are denied the opportunity to question the appalling conditions of their existence’. We hear it said time and time again. So why do you think this is, my friends – what reason do you think there could be for this unhappy state of affairs? Can anyone seriously try to say that demons haven’t taken over the shop, that they aren’t sitting there as pleased as punch in the driver’s seat?


To me this is beyond obvious – who do you think is responsible for the abominable adverts we see every day on TV? Do you really think human beings could come up with twisted garbage such as this? Another example that stands out – to my mind – are those appalling kids TV channels that run on and on incessantly. No human being could ever be responsible for a horror like that. No genuine human being would – I can tell you that with absolute assurance! No genuine human being would do this. Other examples abound of course, and there’s no need to go into them all. Once you see one example then you see them all; you won’t need to have any more pointed out to you. I ask you only to take a moment to think about it – human beings would never do any of this. It wouldn’t make any sense for them to. Why in God’s name would we do that to ourselves?


As I have said, demons possessed human bodies and took them for themselves. Some of them (the crazies) ran amok and frenziedly spent themselves in a short-lived orgy of evil-doing. Others – however – played the long game, played the clever game…






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