Living In The EZ

People sometimes ask me what it’s like to be living in the Equilibrium Zone. People sometimes ask me that, only they don’t – they never ask me that and that’s the whole point. The whole point is that when you are in the Equilibrium Zone you don’t know that you are. That’s the nub of the matter – that’s what it means to be in the EZ. It means that you’re not very curious as to what it means to be in the EZ. You’re not very curious at all. You will be interested in various kinds of other stuff to be sure, but not about anything that actually matters. That’s kind of what it’s like, you see. That’s about the size of it. That’s just about the size of it – no bigger and no smaller. So no, people don’t sometimes ask me what’s it like living in Equilibrium Zone. It’s just dawned on me that the EZ is a dream state really – it’s all about dreaming, nothing more. When you’re dreaming the dream is what you are interested in, not the fact that you are dreaming! Whenever would you meet a dreamer who is interested in the fact that they are dreaming? That must count as a rather unusual eventuality, I would say. There’s a question here that has so far eluded me. I now realise that the question – as I understand it – is “What is it like to be in a dream when you don’t know that you are in a dream?” Or as we could also say, “What’s it like to be a dreamer who doesn’t know that they are a dreamer?” This is as fascinating a question as it is elusive of course, and I’m still no closer to answering it. “What’s life like in the Equilibrium zone,” you ask thoughtfully – “what’s the real story here?” Buy the book, watch the documentary, read the article in the weekend colour supplement, why don’t you! Get the real story here – if you’re interested. What I’m trying to say is that the only real way to know what it’s truly like to be living in the EZ is to jump right in – how else are you going to know what a dream is like unless you are lost in that dream, right? Wouldn’t you agree that the only way to know is to get down and dirty? I mean you can’t just read a bloody book about it, can you? So you do that – you do just that because the logic is inescapable. You go for full immersion. You immerse yourself in the dream state and then you become 100% incurious and so you still don’t know what it’s like to be living in the Equilibrium Zone. You don’t fucking care, anyway! You don’t care because you’re far too busy dreaming. So what can I say? What can you do? What you can do? This is rather frustrating, isn’t it? It’s a bit of an awkward conundrum, wouldn’t you say?





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