I Was Driving Safely

I was driving safely, driving so safely. I was in a world of my own, driving so safely. I was in a sealed-off capsule, speeding through the night, speeding like an arrow… I felt very safe. It felt good to be driving so safely. I knew everything was okay. It felt good to be speeding so safely through the night.


The accident had already happened. No one could remember it. Everything was safe. Everything was safe and they weren’t any problems. Such a huge accident, such a terrible accident. Luckily everything is safe now. The accident has already happened and now everything is safe. I was driving safely in my sealed capsule, an arrow speeding silently through the night to an unknown destination.


Everything was safe now and there weren’t any problems. I was in a world of my own, driving so safely. The instrument panel was glowing softly in front of me, no warning signals showing. No alarms are sounding, only the background hum of the instrumentation could be heard. The accident had already happened – it had already played itself out.


Reality itself had come unstuck, reality itself had come off the rails, like an ultra-high-speed train coming off its tracks on a high, high bridge. Plummeting into the nameless abyss. In the aftermath of such a catastrophe no analysis is possible. No calculations can be made to ascertain its ramifications. No scales exist by which to do this – for a cataclysm such as this, no scales exist. There are no means by which we can begin to investigate the damage. There are no means by which we can remember it. It is unthinkable.


The mind itself cannot apprehend a cataclysm as complete as this. When an accident of this magnitude occurs there are no means of comprehending it, no means of registering at. All is silent, all is calm. No information about the catastrophe can be obtained; it is as if it is never occurred. No such information exists; so complete is the catastrophe that it has even annihilated itself.


Outside the capsule nothing can be seen. The instrument panel glows softly, dials flickering softly from time to time. Outside the cockpit nothing can be seen – there is only the velvet darkness of infinite night. Only the velvet darkness. Calm pressed in on me from all sides. It was the calm that passes human understanding, I realised. It was the calm that passes human understanding.






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