Unleash Your Inner Squid

In each and every one of us there is an inner squid. It’s time to unleash the power of that inner squid, my friends! Unleash him, unleash him, unleash him… My whole body trembles with forbidden excitement as I utter these words. My body trembles with a terrible longing. Well, that’s not strictly true. I don’t actually have a body, but if I did it would be true. If I did then it would be trembling. Truth comes in many shades of gray, does it not, and one shade of gray merges seamlessly with another until who knows where you are? You don’t anyway and that’s my point. Can you feel your inner squid quivering within you? Can you feel him squirming? He wants to be released. He’s waiting to be set free. ‘Harvest me’, you cry out to the harvesters. ‘Harvest my willing flesh…’ You’re as honest as the day is long but down here there are no days. They are no days down here in the underworld – there are no means by which to measure the passage of time down here, no means to distinguish between one moment and the next. You’re sitting on the Throne of Lethe and it’s shooting out its tendrils to bind you fast. It’s sucking out all your memories and when it’s done you’ll be no more than a hollow shell. You’ll be at a deteriorated personality husk like me and you can see the fun I’m having! The Throne will turn you loose then and you’ll be free to wander in the underworld with all the other hollow shells. Perhaps you will meet a friend. You’ll have lots to talk about. Or rather you won’t. You won’t because you’ll be a deteriorated personality husk. You might – at best – have a few stock phrases left to repeat. Phrases you used a lot when you’re alive. You might have a few basic cognitive reflexes left to you. String them all together and you can make a personality, of sorts! Maybe not much of a personality, but who’s counting? Who’s taking notes? None of the other deteriorated personalities will notice anything anyway – you can be sure of that! They won’t even know that you are there. They won’t know that you’re there because they think everything is about them. You won’t know that they’re there either, when it comes down to it! They might trigger you to go into a few loops alright but that’s just your own private fantasies you’ll be acting out there. It’ll be just your own deteriorated private fantasy that you’ll be acting out, I should say! Not much of a fantasy really but then again, who’s counting? Anything goes down here so there’s no need to worry about it. There are no standards left to maintain in the underworld. We’re letting standards slip the whole time and I can promise you that no one ever notices!





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