Working In The Simulation Labs (Part 2)

The reality-machine was making everything be reality. Otherwise it wouldn’t be reality at all! Nobody knew what it would be. There were unfounded reports in the newspapers. Someone said there was a leak. The reality machine wasn’t reality either – it was only a dream, it was only a mirage. There was no reality machine responsible for making everything be reality. There was no such machine, no such machine. No such machine, no such machine, no such machine.


The reality machine was coming off its rails and I was to be found guilty of diminished responsibility. The local inhabitants had come to take me away and force me to partake in their way of life. There were toxins in the food. Their communications were glitched. The reality labs were doing research on reality, trying to find a way to bring it under control. I was a worker in the lab – I was involved in deep research into the nature of reality itself.


A breakthrough had been made but the news was being kept secret. We had to stay enclosed in a special high-security compound with no communication allowed with the outside world. The experiment had gone wrong but no one was allowed to know. There was a cover-up. A new type of time had been discovered that moved very, very slowly – we called it Glacial Time. No one was now allowed to know about it. A new Ice Age was about to begin.


I was in charge of the simulation labs and we are attempting to simulate reality so that we could control it. We were approaching a breakthrough. The whole thing was a setup though and none of us were allowed to know about it. Another type of time had been discovered that didn’t contain any discrete events – the universe itself was a prohibited event. Preliminary findings showed that the universe had never occurred. The universe could never happen in Glacial Time. It was a disallowed event – all events were disallowed events in Glacial Time. All events were glitches and glitches could not exist. The project director had announced a state of emergency. Special powers were to be invoked. Government ministers had been informed and the army had been called in.


Some of the other researchers had experienced mental breakdowns as a result of exposure to the new type of time. There were to be given behavioural therapy. I was put in charge of the simulation labs – my brief was to find a way of simulating myself trying to simulate a different version of reality which the original error had never occurred. It was our only hope. I had to try to break into a closed loop, but there was no way in or out. No events had ever happened.


The reality machine was making everything be reality but I was worried in case it went wrong. I was frightened of what my happened if there are reality machine malfunctioned. All of my co-workers had been forced to engage in behavioural therapy. They had all regressed to an earlier stage in their lives. They had rejected the Reality Principle. A mistake had been made, but no one was allowed to know about it.







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