Happy Ending

It’s all pure nonsense what’s going on in my head I don’t mind telling you! It’s pure, pure nonsense. It’s crazy stuff. Mad stuff. You don’t want to know what goes on there, I can tell you. You really don’t…Although I suppose I am telling you. Although I suppose I am going to tell you. People tell me that I should write a story with a happy ending. Because that would make them feel happy. Because everyone likes a happy ending. Because that sends us a very important message. Because that sends us the message that everything is going to be okay and that’s a good thing, that’s a happy thing. Such a good thing, such a happy thing. It’s so good when things are good, isn’t it? So very good… It’s such a happy time when things are happy. I know perfectly well that it’s a good thing when everyone is happy – I’m not stupid, you know. Not entirely stupid, anyway. I know it’s good when everything is good. I know that it’s a happy thing when everything is good and everyone is happy because of all the good things. Did you ever wish that everything could be good? Of course you did, of course you did. We all do, we all do. Did you ever get upset and angry because things weren’t good? Of course you did, of course you did. We’ve all been there my friend, we’ve all been there. Boy have we ever! You bet we have… That’s the human experience right there buddy isn’t it? That’s it in a nutshell. That’s what it’s like to be human being – being upset and angry because things aren’t good! Being strung out about it, been out of sorts about it, being positively livid about it. Being infuriated about it. No need to feel ashamed about that buddy, we’ve all been there. We’ve all been there. You don’t need to tell me what that feels like! Boy does that ever feel bad! It stings for sure. It’s like being stung by a wasp right where it hurts. But to go back to what I started off talking about, I can’t help thinking that it can’t be that hard to have a happy ending. How hard can it be? You just have to make everything be good. All you have to do is say something like “and then everything was great”, or “and then everything was just A-1 fantastic and everyone was just so very happy because of the good thing, because of the great thing, because of the happy thing”. They were all so very happy, all so very happy. Because everything was so great, because everything was so wonderful. Because of the important message. Because things are ALWAYS going to work out OK in the end, aren’t they? You just know they are…





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