The Sublime And Sacred Lie

The fantastical surreal imbecility of the human race amuses the hell out of me. Well, sometimes it does. The odd time it does. Maybe once in a while it does. Mostly it just pisses me off though. People love talking so much that they never wait to see if what they’re talking about actually makes sense or not. Did you ever notice that? I notice that a lot. The talking itself is the thing, not what you might or might not have to say. That’s human beings for you. That’s the way we are…


Viruses are eating my head. They’re feasting. It’s not the regular old RNA-type viruses that I’m talking about here but the memazoid type, the super-memaziodal type virus that we all know so well. They feast and they feast and they feast. They convert everything into garbage. Holy Garbage. Sacred Garbage. The Holy Sacrament of Rubbish. So we can all worship together at the Altar of Modern Culture. And say how great the garbage is. Give our sincere thanks for it.


It’s all part of the sacred, solemn duty of the memazoid mission – to obscure all that is good and wholesome in the world and cause every single human being that lives on the face of the earth to become confused in their minds and forget that there ever was anything good and wholesome. Instead, we will all think that garbage is good and wholesome and we will worship it. We will worship it until our heads drop off. We will worship at the altar of modern culture.


That’s the Sublime and Sacred Lie you see. The Sublime and Sacred Lie is that there never was anything good and wholesome in the world, that nothing good and wholesome ever existed. That it never was. Only the pernicious suppurating filth of the garbage world exists and we have to go around saying how great it is. Saying how good it is how great it is. Giving thanks for it. There’s no limit to the garbage we will swallow, is there? We’ll eat it all and come back for seconds.


‘Lovely memes in my head, making me feel so good.’ That’s my new song – I can’t stop singing it! Such an infectious little tune… Wall-to-wall memes. All-you-can-eat memes. Memes in the morning, memes in the night. A meme for every occasion. I heard that there is a secret factory manufacturing memes by the trillion, pumping them out pumping them out pumping them out. Lovely, lovely memes. My head is full of them. But that’s modern culture for you isn’t it,!? I blather away happily. Blathering like a fool. The thing about the Great Lie is you see that you can’t just come out with it. We can’t just say it – that would be disingenuous, that would be just plain stupid, wouldn’t you say?


That’s not how we play the game. That’s not how. That’s not how. That’s not how we play. Lovely memes, lovely memes. Memes in the morning, memes in the night. Do you understand the sacred mission yet, I ask slyly? The thing that really gets me is the way folk will hang onto a lie long after everyone concerned has seen through it. That’s very human isn’t it? All too human. That’s what we’re like, I’m afraid. No point in painting a pretty picture when there isn’t one, is there? No point at all. No point at all. That’s how we come to be in the situation that we are in – infested by the ghost-memes, infested by the horror-memes. There are eating us alive, they’re haunting our neural pathways. We can’t stop talking but we’ve got nothing to say…





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