The Envied Ones

The future belongs to the glorious kudos-holders, the ones who have what it takes, the ones we all envy. Everyone else has to make do with recycled time and we all know how stagnant and demoralising recycled time is. We all know what a shitty deal that is. Let’s not kid ourselves, our lives were crappy enough even the first time around never mind after recycling them a hundred billion times. Though perhaps we won’t notice – there’s always that hope, isn’t there? There’s always that faint hope there that perhaps we will not realise what has been done to us.


So who do you think are going to be the losers in this scenario, would you say? Correct – it’s you and me! It’s you and me and all the rest of us poor sods you see around that are going to come off worse in this deal. Take a look around you – take a good look. Does all of this reek of recycled time or what? Be honest with me now. Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been here before? Do you sometimes feel that you have heard it all before? We’re the losers because we are living in recycled time – were having to eat the same dinner over and over again forever and it wasn’t even up to much the first time round. Some kind of a generic burger that you’ll see time and time again – you keep on encountering it and you think that it’s different even though it looks identical to every other burger you have ever ate. You’ll assume that. You’ll assume that it’s different. It makes our life more bearable to assume this doesn’t it?


So tell me – what kind of bullshit is this? You get sold the same damn burger twice and you have to hand over the money both times! Like the poor mug that you are. Is it any better the second time around you ask innocently? Is it tastier? No it isn’t, I reply. It’s worse. It’s worse every time and that’s a lot of times we’re talking about here. That’s multiple re-iterations we’re talking about here – looping and looping and looping around faster than the mind can follow.


The future belongs to the in-crowd – the future belongs to the kudos-holders with their special privileges, their special handshakes. The special air of success they have. You can smell it. They’re the members of the kudos club you see not you and me – they have this kind of thing going that they worked out between themselves. They’ve got it all sewn up and now they’re laughing all the way to the bank, laughing their bloody heads off. They’re cackling like hyenas. Don’t let anyone tell you that they aren’t. They can afford to laugh you see. They’ve got the keys to the city after all. They’ve got the keys to the bank. The future belongs to them and what have we got?


Take a good look around you my friends. Take a moment now, don’t rush it. Really look around you – observe properly. If you can. See if you can spot the anomalies because there are ALWAYS anomalies. If you know what you’re looking for. If you have eyes to see them. It’s the same old song on the radio, time and time again. The same stale old thoughts passing through your mind. Living on recycled time. Living by reflex. Eating the same old desiccated burger every day of your life. Thinking the same thoughts. But you’ll never admit it…







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