Communications Failure

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been excluded from the Unconditional Benediction of Being Itself? That’s a pretty bad feeling right? That’s pretty fucking awful, wouldn’t you say? That’s exactly what I’m experiencing, unfortunately for me. I’m getting it full force. I’m getting the full whack of it and no mistake! I’m not messing with you here – I really, really am not. This is bad shit I’m talking about here my friends – it’s bad, bad shit. Your body twists back-and-forth of its own accord; your body literally writhes like an eel trying from the hook in its mouth. In vain, I might add. Obviously in vain! You know the way people have of complaining about trivialities? They complain bitterly about the slightest of inconveniences; it’s unbelievable stuff, it really is. People go into paroxysms of complaining for all the world as if they are the unluckiest, most hard done-by individuals in the whole of human history. Through no fault of their own, of course. You know the sort of thing I’m talking about. I’d love to have one of those complainers with me here right now so I could have a go at putting one or two things straight for them. ‘So you think you’re having a bad day, do you?’ I’d ask them. ‘So you think fate is dealing with you somewhat harshly do you? Would you like someone to come and commiserate with you perhaps? Well why don’t you try swapping places with me then and see what it feels like when you’ve been excluded from the Unconditional Benediction of Being Itself? Boy does that ever sting! Boy does it ever…You are hopping about crazily like a cat on a hot tin roof. It’s like you have fire-ants in your underwear – you have nowhere to go, no way of finding peace. There is absolutely no succour for you anywhere; you’re cut off from all that is good and wholesome and you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you’re never going to be able to have any part of it. You’re beyond the pale. It’s not for you – you have been ostracised from reality itself, and how bad do you think that feels? You have absolutely no way of knowing, you see. You have no way of knowing how bad that feels. ‘It is like when you crack the screen in your brand-new iPad?’ you ask. ‘No, my friend’, I reply. ‘It’s not like that.’ ‘Is it like when you get a rotten stinking head-cold and you can’t go out partying with your mates?’ you ask again, No, it isn’t like that. Wrong again, buddy. You’re not quite getting it, I’m afraid… This is an example of what people sometimes call ‘a total failure in communication’ you see – it’s an abyss that can’t be bridged and so there’s just no point in trying. They’ll never know what you’re talking about and they won’t even know that they don’t know either. If they knew that much then at least that would be something! They’ll think that they know what you’re saying but they won’t. They’ll reference everything you say to their own sphere of experience but that just makes a mockery of your efforts to communicate. They’ll never understand what you’re trying to tell them whatever and it’ll only make you feel worse if you insist on trying…





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