The Human Situation

Suppose it was possible to exist in a kind of neutral, ‘non-engaged’ state, a kind of ‘seed-like’ state, a kind of dormant ‘nothing’s happening’ state? This is what I was thinking anyway, as I was walking around the Eyre Square Shopping Centre this morning stuck for anything else to do other than pursue various trains of thought to see where they lead. Maybe it’s not possible, maybe that’s just bullshit that I’m coming out with there, but you still have to play about with the ideas don’t you? To see where they go. No pointing in shutting everything down straightaway the way some people do – that’s not gonna get you anywhere is it?


So suppose it was possible, suppose it is possible for us to just float around in this dormant seed-like state the whole time but not knowing that we are dormant and being entertained by all this dumb stuff that isn’t real but which somehow seems real to us because that is how the dormant state works. That’s the thing about dormancy – real life is replaced by this abysmal super-trivial type of crap that we think is pretty damn interesting and because we think it’s interesting and meaningful and all the rest of it we never notice that we are completely dormant and not really alive at all. If we did notice this fact then that would be a big old shock to the system for sure and it would wake us up with a bang. We never do notice however because the whole point about being dormant is that you never notice anything that’s actually real.


So I was seeing all these women sitting there in the nail bars having their nails done and I was thinking “Yeah, that figures – they’re definitely dormant! I mean, what else could explain that, right?” Maybe you think I’m being unfair here in singling out women for being dormant, consciousness-wise, but I could equally well have talked about fellas and sport – if being interested in sport isn’t a prime example of dormancy then what is? All you have to do is look into blokes’ eyes when they’re engrossed in watching a match or whatever and ask yourself, “What’s going on in there? Where are they at, for God’s sake?”


Or take the example of a bookie shop – all these fellows nipping in and out and then in again the way they do as if there was something actually interesting happening in there! Let me tell you, there’s nothing interesting going on in there – nothing, nothing, nothing. It’s the Big Nada. The Big Nada with knobs on. That’s just dormancy – that’s just people ‘being dormant but not knowing it’. They’re hanging around waiting to wake up but they don’t know that they are. They don’t know that they’re waiting to wake up. They think something else is going on – although what that could be I don’t know! What’s more, it’s not just that when we are in the dormant state we are ‘waiting to wake up without knowing that we are’, it’s that we’re ‘hanging around waiting to wake up but even though we don’t know it we are nevertheless making VERY SURE INDEED  that we never actually DO wake up’ because on some unconscious level we know that it’s going to be a terrible shock when we do. That’s the human situation right there, buddy!


Okay, you’re probably thinking, what makes you so fucking smart, wiseguy? What’s your trip? Maybe you are floating around in your dormant state thinking that everyone else is dormant when actually you are and you’re just projecting your own unconsciousness onto everyone else and then having a good laugh at them for being such morons? You’re probably sneering at me for being so superior. Having a laugh at me. Well – sneer away, my friend. Sneer away my friend, and I hope you enjoy it. I hope you have a great time. Make the most of your sneering because one day you’ll wake up and then we’ll see who the knob-head is…





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