Searching For Freedom

I was looking for freedom

I was searching for it high and low

I was looking in all the prescribed places

I was reading books about it and

Thinking about it and

Listening to people talk about it in seminars on the internet

And signing up to learn about it on courses



I love talking about freedom

It’s my favourite topic

Freedom for me means freedom to be, I sang gaily

But I was wrong

I’m always wrong – I’m wrong every time

I make a habit of it



Freedom for me means the freedom to see, I gush

But I’m prattling nonsense – as usual

You could set your watch by me

I’m as reliable as a block of granite

As reliable as a big stone in the field

That no one can move



Freedom for me means freedom to come out with

My own particular brand of bullshit every single day of the year,

I chortle humorously

But my joke falls flat – as it always does

Every joke I have ever told

Has fallen flat –

And this is no exception…





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