Negative Energy

I was imagining that people were going to do bad things to me and then getting cross and bothered as a result. ‘Cross and bothered’ is something of an understatement – I was hopping, I was livid, I had lost the plot entirely! Malignant spirits were being attracted to me – they were scuttling towards me in their hundreds like crabs from all direction. Where did they all come from? It appeared to me that they were coming out of the woodwork – I was amazed that the world held so many dark corners from which these evil beings could pour were they to be attracted by the right sort of psychic scent. Who would have guessed? I was imagining that people were saying bad thing about me and this was annoying me. It wasn’t just annoying me – I was fuming! I was more than just fuming – I was raging, I was going pure psycho. Unwholesome entities from the lower astral levels were materializing all around me, drawn by the sheer intensity of the negative energy that I was producing, like sharks from the uncharted ocean depths are drawn by several buckets of fresh blood being dumped off the side of a fishing boat into the sea. You’d never know that the ocean held so many sharks until you start spilling a bit of blood and then they will appear before you like a multitude of silent ghosts, each taking their place in the great circle of predators that are moving slowly in on you. So it was with these creatures from the lower astral planes, all manner of blighted unfortunate deteriorated entities, each hoping for a chance to suck on some negative energy, each drawn by their insatiable need to feed on the fear and anger of deeply disturbed living beings such as myself. I was imagining that people were thinking bad things about me and I was peeved. More than just peeved, I was seething with self-righteous indignation. ‘How dare they,’ I thought to myself, twisted with anger and resentment, ‘what gives them the right to judge me?’ My negativity was summoning demons from the nether worlds, from the hell worlds, from the infra-dimensions. and they were growing increasingly interested in me, seeing their opportunity to channel dark energies through me from the hell-worlds and into the world of men. I was a potential doorway for them, a means for them to extend their realm of evil and contaminate the earthly realm. They were excited by this possibility and sought therefore to bend me to their will. I did not require much bending as it happened – I was as twisted as a corkscrew already and that’s putting it mildly. I was to be a portal – the sewers of hell were to pour out through me. I was to be a conduit and infernal reservoirs of satanic malice were to pour through me to spread hideous contagion throughout the world. Oceans of psychic sewage were to be rerouted through me; I was the chosen one, the vessel – I was to be the very mouth of hell itself.








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