The Trash Feed

The machine was super-efficiently producing the filth reality, the dirty sinking garbage-reality. It was doing such a marvellous job- you’d have to take your hat off to it. You really would, you absolutely would have to. Credit where credit is due and all that. How does the machine manage to do such a fantastic job, you might wonder? It does it get to be so good? Is it a miracle? The machine works every second of the day and every second of the night producing the trash world and it could manufacture a quadrillion of these worlds just as easily as it can make just the one. When quality is no longer an issue then quantity certainly isn’t any problem, not by any means, not by any stretch of the imagination. This is the miracle of the machine age after all and who can argue with that? All you can do is nod your head and marvel, marvel at the stupendous efficacy of the machine as it pumps in – through mile after mile of giant silvery conduits – the base and vile garbage-reality in a never-ending supply. The hidden engines never stop pumping; the powerhouse never falters for a second piping in the garbage reality around the clock and we for our part can’t wait to feed it to our children via shiny white plastic terminals that are supplied free of charge for the general benefit. We can’t wait to divert the trash feed in industrial quantities directly into our children’s brains because we know that the vile and filthy garbage-reality is so marvellous. We know that it’s the bee’s knees. It surpasses everything else without any question, without any contest. Why would you even want anything else? Hey fellas look what we’ve got here – some kind of pervert who doesn’t want to suck up the trash feed like the rest of us! He thinks he’s too good for it – let’s pulp his face for him! We can’t wait to make sure all our kids have a whopping great helping of it just as soon as their pudgy fingers can operate a touch-screen because we know the machine is doing such a great job. The machine never rests and it never falters. It delivers day and night. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it isn’t addictive either because you know damn well that it is. Once you start sucking on the trash feed then nothing else will satisfy; once you’re sucking on the trash feed then you’re sucking forever because you’ll never get enough. The machine really is a miracle and there’s no point in trying to deny it. However were we clever enough to invent it? Or did it invent us? Who’s really wearing the pants here? Let’s get real about this – the trash feed invents us every day. We don’t have to do a damn thing – passive isn’t the word! It’s the miracle of creation – the creation of trash where before there wasn’t any. The sacred and holy transformation of the ineffable into the cheapest, vilest, nastiest most scurrilous and toxic brand of bottom-of-the-barrel generic garbage you could ever imagine. That’s not the miracle of course – the miracle is that we keep sucking it up. We suck it up every day and we’re not ever going to stop. No way are we going to stop. You couldn’t prise us away from it; the crow-bar big enough to prise us away has never been invented…










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