Promoting The Product

I was staging a bit of a publicity stunt to showcase the launch of my new ego. Product, I mean. My new product. I was staging a bit of a publicity event in order to showcase the launch of my new product. The last one had turned out to be a bit of a flop. All things considered it was time for a bit of repackaging, a bit of re-spinning. It’s all about having the right PR really isn’t it? You have to do a good job on it. You have to put the work in. You have to make the product seem like an actual thing and then everyone will look at each other knowledgeably when it’s mentioned as if to say ‘oh yes that’s the thing. I know all about that thing. I’m au fait with the thing for sure. Oh yes. I knew about it long before it got so popular. I was there from the start.’ That’s what you want – that kind of product identification. That’s what we call it in the trade. Product identification. That way folk start defining themselves in relation to the product and as soon as they start doing this you know you have it made. They’re doing all of the work you see so you don’t have to. They’re promoting the product for you. They’ll promote the product for you because when they do this they’re promoting themselves. Self-interest is the name of the game; that’s the power-house behind everything and so when you tap into this you’ve got it made. Your product has become part of everyone’s world then; more than this; more than this, it has become a talisman, it has become a magic touch-stone. People will want to get some of that fabulous kudos because the product is the kudos-source. We all want a bit of that, don’t we? Who after all can afford to turn their back on an accredited kudos-source, which is what your product has now become?  So anyway I was staging a bit of a publicity event in aid of the launch of my new ego. Trying to get it out there. Trying to make it seem like a thing. Trying to float it by putting out some righteous PR in all the right directions. That well-oiled PR machine will do the job, you’ll see. It always does. The PR machine will place the product in peoples’ minds and make them think that they really like it. It’ll sway them. It’ll make all the difference. It’ll make them think they’re smart to like it. They’ll be impressed with themselves. It’ll make them think that they’re discerning and sophisticated individuals. It’ll make them like themselves for liking the product. All you need to do is to create the right kind of spin. Get people talking. Get a buzz going. The right type of buzz. There’s everything to gain in an enterprise of this nature and that’s why it’s important to think big. Nobody remembers the losers, right? Nobody ever wastes any time thinking about them and that’s why they don’t exist. They don’t exist because no one thinks about them. I’m launching the new product. My new ego. Getting the image out there. Doing all the PR. Putting the work in. Selling myself. Getting that well-oiled machinery back into action again…






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