Garbage Code

Why did the Malignant One create the Garbage World, we might wonder? Or at least, those amongst us who have impaired intuition might wonder. We’d know full well, otherwise. I know me saying this probably comes across as being grandiose and high-handed but these matters need to be addressed squarely, without any fear of giving offence or of being taken up wrongly. We’re all equal in this world whether we happen to have unimpaired intuition with regard to spiritual matters or not. All forms and manifestations of the Divine are equal – how indeed could they not be? There’s no such thing as ‘not equal’, there’s no such thing as ‘inferior’ and ‘superior’, as the sages have told us on many occasions. Not that we listen, of course. We never listen – we are experts in not listening, are we not? Not listening is our greatest strength’ it is the ace up our sleeve. We insist – with the greatest possible degree of obduracy – that there IS such a thing as superior and inferior and we organize our world accordingly. We obsess darkly over our position, our status. It’s all we care about – our place in the pecking order. Our wretched position on society and the position of others, that’s all we want to know about. When we meet someone we want to know whether to adulate or despise them. Shall I salute you or spit on you? Shall I be obsequious or obnoxious? Our whole wretched way of life is based upon this – looking to see who is below us and above us, so that we can know who we should ingratiate ourselves with and who we should demean. We can demean other so subtly, if we wish. With a look or with a comment or by the tone of our voice. With what we do or don’t do. We’re such experts in this – the art of putting others down, the art of exerting power. The whole dirty business of it is so dreadfully corrupting, so utterly abysmally contaminating. There is no part of us that is left pure, no part of us that is left natural. So the reason the Malignant One created the Garbage World was of course so that we would then be obliged to renounce our Divine Nature and construct a false version of ourselves out of the generic Garbage Code that proliferates so abundantly in the dreadful hollow sham of a world that we have been conned into accepting at face value. This is why we have to go around asserting ourselves so obnoxiously the whole time – we are obliged to do this because our life is based on a lie, because our very identity is founded upon a scurrilous untruth. This is why – in this poor phoney world of ours – we have to go around blowing our own trumpet from morning to night and trying our best to shout over everyone else. That’s why we have to devote ourselves to the filthy game of having to compete with everyone we meet, as we do our best to push and elbow our way to the top of the stinking dung-hill. What a sad world this is, and how piteously unworthy are we wretches who call ourselves ‘men’ and ‘women’! This sorry business is all for the pleasure of the Malignant One of course – that’s what he wants for us…





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