The Forever War

In the False World which is the only world we know everybody suffers. We’re all casualties here, casualties of an ancient war which goes on forever. Long, long ago, far too long for anyone to remember, the ultimate weapon was created and immediately put into action. This weapon I refer to as ‘the Devalidation Bug’ – what the original creators of this weapon called I do not know. Each human being, when infected, undergoes the cruellest innermost agonies and then – as a result of this most malign process – does their best to inflict this same suffering upon everyone around them. Before every long the whole planet had been infected and the Forever War had begun in earnest.


This is not a war that is fought with physical weaponry but with the mind itself – it is a psychic war, a war that is invisible to the ignorant, of who there are many. Or it could equally be said that the war is not fought with material weapons but with words. Your words can hurt, your words can kill, as the ancient verse says. Your words are weapons of your will. The aim is not to bring about physical death however. The aim is never to bring about physical death – what good would that do anyone? The living who are nevertheless dead in some subtler way can continue to spread the contagion where the physically dead obviously cannot. A corpse is not an effective weapon in the psychic wars. The aim is always to inflict the invisible death that psychic desolation in its wake. Living bodies with no spirit within them, this is the aim. Such bodies can be in the greatest physical health – they can be strong, they can be endowed with surpassing physical perfection, beauty beyond the means of most folk to question. Who questions great beauty, after all? ‘What seems good is good’, we say glibly, under the power – as we are – of the Malignant One. No horror is greater than this false world of ours in which in which we respond to the inner death, the inner desolation, by having our teeth whitened, our legs waxed and our faces lifted. No horror is greater, no horror is greater.


There is no torment greater than the torment of one who is infected with the Devalidation Bug. No anguish is greater than the anguish of one who’s true self has been devalidated, denied – and ultimately destroyed. No greater anguish can there be. In our ceaseless pain we are lost, we are lost with only one option open to us – we turn to the False World, to the False Creation, and we throw ourselves upon its malign mercy. We agree to play by its rules, for that is the only hope we have of escaping our inner anguish. There is only one rule really in the False World and that rule, that requirement, is that we  should betray ourselves and greatly afflict any we come across who has not already betrayed themselves, as we have betrayed ourselves. Such are the rules of the game, the rules we swear most solemnly to play by.


In the past great crusades were launched, great religious wars were fought and lost. Such wars are always lost – the loser is always the spirit within us. These days we fight the war against the spirit in a less obvious way. There are no banners fluttering in the sun, no swords, no siege machines. Instead there is this thing called ‘how life should be lived’ and this dreadful appalling thing is beaten into us from infancy. We are afflicted with it right from the start. Instead of the armies of Christendom we have companies, we have corporations, we have governments, we have bureaucracies. We have our institutions to mete out human suffering and annihilate the spirit within. Our institutions are the satanic engines of suffering, as the ancient Cathars told us, before they were scourged from the face of the earth by False Religion and their writings destroyed.


Our misery is great but none can testify to it. If we were to testify to it, as honest men and honest women, then we would have to look the Great Lie squarely in the face, and see it for what it is. We would have to lay bare the source of our suffering and this we cannot do. We would then have to denounce the False Creation for what it is. We would have to betray the betrayer, and that would bring the Malignant One to our door! The Forever War rages on now as it has never rages before but there can never be any winners in it. There can never be ‘a winning side’. There are only ever losers, there are only ever ‘the afflicted’ and that is all of us…






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