There’s two stories going on. That’s what you have to understand – two stories at once, not just the one. Both completely different. In one story I’m a – a what? How would I describe myself? What would I call myself? It’s hard to know how to begin. I’m a kind of a ghost but I’m also a kind of a psychic parasite, living off peoples’ negative emotions, trying to get by in the world as best I can. Trying to survive, the same as we all are. We’re all in the same boat there really aren’t we? Trying to get by, trying to survive. Trying to make a go of it. I don’t feel bad about what I am, I don’t feel that I have to make any excuse for myself. I am what I am. It’s a bit annoying when people say that I know. It’s a bit of dumb thing to say. It just kind of slipped out. You know what I mean though – I have to get by the same as everyone else has to get by and the way I get by is by being a psychic parasite. I scavenge off peoples’ waste emotions, kind of like sucking on the tail-pipes of cars going by. Cars without catalytic converters or regular servicing. Dirty old cars – the dirtier the better. That’s how I get the strength to carry on. That’s how I recharge the old batteries. First I induce an emotion in a person – fear usually – then I feast off it. That’s what keeps me going. I need that if I’m to survive. I need a source of sustenance. I’m not making any excuses here – I do what I have to do and that’s that. I’m not apologizing for being what I am. That’s just the kind of life I have, the kind of life I have to make do with – the life of a psychic parasite. I look like a bit of dark twisted smoke, drifting around the room – if you’re one of those people who can see me. Flitting from one unhappy situation to another, trying to make things worse if I possibly can. Skimming off the old negative energy. Nibbling on peoples’ dark auras.  Drinking deep of the dark auric energy. So that’s one story that’s going on. The other story is that I’m a perfectly normal human being leading a perfectly normal life. A bit psychopathic, a bit narcissistic – but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that would make me stand out from anyone else. Just another man in a suit, going off to do a nine-to-five job every morning. Just a regular guy working in an office. Working in sales. Doing his best to get by. Just trying to make a living. Trying to earn a crust. A bit psychopathic, a bit cold, a bit emotionally manipulative, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to make me stand out in a crowd…





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