Conspiracy Bots

The conspiracy bots have gotten into everything and are subverting reality from the inside. It’s an ‘inside-job’, so to speak. They are setting up their own pseudo-reality field and this pseudo-reality field is distorting and falsifying actual reality. It’s making a mockery of actual realty. It’s making a laughing stock of us all. The conspiracy bots – I almost called them ‘reality-bots’ there! – function by making the world seem to be some kind of way which it isn’t at all. They are contaminating the reality-supply without us realizing it. That’s why I find it so ironic that I almost said ‘reality-bots’ instead of ‘conspiracy bots’ – it’s ironic because that would be a perfect example of what they do. Instead of seeing them as CBs I might for example start to see them as RBs which would totally legitimize them. ‘Oh look at the reality bots doing such good work,’ you might say, like some kind of naïve idiot, getting everything backwards. ‘Isn’t it great that we have them?’ Only I’m wrong when I suggest that you might actually be able to look at them. You can’t ‘look’ at them at all because they are profoundly invisible – the conspiracy/reality bots have the special property of always being off-limits to our awareness. They control our awareness rather than being the object of it, and that is an important difference.


I shouldn’t say that the conspiracy bots are ‘everywhere’ either, strictly – that too was just a slip of the tongue. The CBs are only in my mind. They aren’t physical things but rather they’re little reality-engines made up of some sort of automatically-regenerating code-sequence that utilizes consciousness itself in order to propagate itself. Even though the job of these little reality-engines is to create or manufacture reality, they are not real themselves and this is another irony people are very rarely aware of. Life is full of ironies that we aren’t aware of. So the CBs – which are a special type of reality-engine – exist only in my mind, as I have just said, but this doesn’t mean that they ‘aren’t real’. Technically speaking they aren’t but in practical terms of course they very much are. That’s one of the stupidest things anyone can say – ‘That’s not real – it’s only in your mind!’ People always say that, don’t they? It’s only in your mind, it’s only in your mind, it’s only in your mind… Shut the fuck up, I want to say! Shut the fuck up you dumb fuck. I don’t ever actually go as far as actually saying this however because I don’t want to hurt peoples’ feeling, even when they are annoying me by coming out with dumb stuff like this.


If it’s in your mind then that spells big trouble. If it were somewhere else then you wouldn’t have to worry so much, right? But if it’s in your mind – well, then you’re in deep shit really. You’re in serious trouble. Isn’t the mind where all of our afflictions lie? The seeds of our misery? The demons that we can’t ever run away from? And when you’re talking about the conspiracy bots you know for a fact that there’s a lot of trouble brewing here. A whole lot of misery, a whole lot of suffering. Demons by the truck-load. CB’s equal mental suffering. And what other type of suffering could there be, you quite rightly ask? Mental suffering is always the worst. The CBs operate by causing us to fundamentally distrust every version of reality that we are presented with and there’s nothing more unsettling than this. We have to have something to trust in after all and the CBs leave us with nothing, nothing at all… We start to realize, as a result of the insidious influence of the millions upon millions of swarming conspiracy bots that we have been infected with from the internet, that our understanding of the world, our understanding of ourselves is not actually ‘ours’ at all but some kind of malicious implant. It’s not there to serve our interests but the interests of some agency – the government, the military, the corporations, the advertisers, the global elite, the transhumans, the American Psychiatric Association, ancient mind-parasites, who knows? None of this is actually true however – it’s all disinformation generated by the billions of swarming conspiracy bots which are busy covering up what is really going on…





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