It’s Not Cricket

Over the years I have inadvertently become an expert on nullifying environments. I can tell you anything you want to know about nullifying environments – anything at all. You probably don’t want to know about NEs of course but that’s another matter. That’s another day’s work. That’s another issue entirely. If I was to name a topic that no one ever wants to know about it’s nullifying environments. Folk’ll talk about anything in preference to this, anything at all. Any taboo subject will do, just so long as we don’t mention NEs.


I’m just joking really. It’s just a private joke that I have going with myself. No one actually knows anything about NEs, as far as I know. No one has a clue that such things even exist. That makes me an expert on something no one knows to exist. No kudos there, right? People don’t know that there’s such a thing as an NE and so of course you can’t talk about it. Of course you can’t have a conversation about it. You can always try to explain about nullifying environments in some kind of abstract or theoretical way but this doesn’t work because there’s some kind of psychological block there – as soon as you even start to explore the subject, even in the most general terms, you will run into a brick wall. People’s eyes immediately glaze over and their minds go blank. You know you’re onto a non-starter. You know that they’ve tuned you out…


OK so maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit but the key point that I’m trying to make here is that you won’t ever find anyone willing to talk about nullifying environments with you. No one is interested and this brings us neatly enough to a consideration of what a NE actually is – an NE is an environment that acts upon us so as to cause us to find inane nonsense compulsively entertaining, whilst anything else (anything of a deeper nature) becomes profoundly uninteresting to us. Needless to say, we human beings are superlatively adept at creating such environments for ourselves. It’s just about all we ever do…


If we human beings have a talent then it is surely for producing these stupendously nullifying environments. I know this sounds like a rather unpleasant and distinctly snide comment to be making but just take a look around you, for God’s sake! All of our energy goes into creating diabolically ugly mind-numbing environments for ourselves – environments that exert an immensely stupefying effect upon our consciousness. We’re busy making ourselves unwell, both physically and mentally, and you’d have to be an out-and-out moron to deny it, you really would. We’re killing ourselves – if not literally then metaphorically, or psychologically. To consistently elevate garbage over the truth is the greatest of all abominations and yet this is what we do every day. To celebrate nonsense-talkers and either persecute or ridicule those who have a true word to say is surely the most monstrous perversity of all. How can we expect to engage in such a diabolical charade and yet at the same time imagine that we aren’t going to pay a price for it? We will never allow ourselves to see it though – we recoil from the truth just as a man with arachnophobia recoils from a fully-grown bird-eating spider crawling up his shorts…


I know it’s not ‘the done thing’ to come out with stuff like this. It’s simply not cricket. One always has to strive to be positive in one’s outlook, doesn’t one? It’s also all about team spirit and not undermining morale. It’s so important not to be undermining morale, isn’t it? You see, the official protocol is that you should always say how commendable it is to maintain and protect the status quo, no matter what that status quo might be. You have to go around saying how splendid and marvellous the status quo is, otherwise you’re a complainer, a whinger. No one likes a whinger, right? You get them in every organization. You’ll always get them – spreading negativity and discontent is their thing. Spreading dissent and dissatisfaction. Because they’re unhappy and frustrated individuals. They send us on training courses so that we can learn about people like that. They teach us how to spot them, and then once we do spot them, have nothing to do with them. It’s very important to shun and ignore the complainers because then they can’t get anywhere…







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