A Life Can Be Eaten Up so Quickly Can’t It?

A life can be eaten up so quickly, can’t it? It seems like no more than a second and it’s been swallowed up by vile nonsense, by stupid ridiculous details that you don’t even really care about. By garbage that’s got nothing to do with anything. ‘Bang!’ and your life has gone. That was it. All swallowed up. All gone. You didn’t see that coming, did you sunshine?


My mind roams freely over vast plains of bullshit. It roams freely, like a freely-roaming creature. I can’t think of any examples of such a creature at the moment, but know you know what I mean. Only that isn’t really true is it? It doesn’t roam freely because it’s kept on a very tight leash. How can you roam freely in a plain of bullshit anyway? What’s that supposed to mean? That’s my point, I suppose. Obviously enough…


Life should come with some sort of warning really – don’t you think? I mean, how are you supposed to know if no one tells you? No one tells us to watch out. On the contrary, the message from all around is to charge ahead as quickly as possible, lest you miss out. Isn’t that the message? Life’s a race, isn’t it? The starting pistol goes and you’re off, like a greyhound out of a cage. Boy can those greyhound’s run, right? They surely can. You know that they can – I mean, you’ve seen them, right? Wow – yeah!


So that’s what it’s like as we all know well enough – life’s a race and you don’t want to be left behind. No one wants to be left behind. It’s a sad thing to be left behind and see everyone else getting ahead of you and getting all the good stuff in life when you’re not. That’ll make you feel very sad. You’ve got to be up there with the leaders, haven’t you? We all know that. But then that brings us back to what we started off talking about. You see where I’m going with this I’m sure! We’re taking off like greyhounds out of the cage and we’re not wasting any time because we don’t want to be left behind and then – “Bang!” – the next thing is that your whole life has been eaten up in a flash! It’s gone and you didn’t know what happened. Something happened, something got to you and you never saw it coming. No one told you that it would happen like that. Somehow, everyone conveniently forgets to mention that…


So that’s it. That’s how it goes. It happens like that every time but no one ever tells you. Your life gets devoured in what seems like no time at all – it gets eaten up by nonsense, by pointless chores and tasks and worries, by the most pestilential kind of garbage ever. Because life didn’t come with any warnings attached. Because – on the contrary – all the people around you, your parents, your teachers, whoever, urged you most seriously to take part in the race to the best of your ability. And you did because we all do and now you see where that got you! Now you see what happens when you charge ahead like a damn block-headed fool in the way that you did. Only you don’t see because all that rotten toxic garbage has eaten you up from the inside and there’s nothing left. When you’ve been hollowed out by the type of virulent nonsense that I’m on about here then you can’t see anything anymore. You can trust me on that one, you really can…





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