Reality Crime

“Is it wrong to create false realities?” I ask myself, “Is it wrong to create evil realities and then make people live in them?” I laugh heartily as I ask this question because I know that it is a joke. It is a good joke. This is precisely what people always do to each other, you see. They don’t know how to do anything else. This is the game, this is what it’s all about. First you create an evil reality and then you see how many people you can get to live in it! You see how many people you can get to believe in it. You trap them in it, like you would trap fire-flies in a jam jar… That really IS what it’s all about – it certainly isn’t about anything else! It certainly isn’t about freedom, for instance. If there’s one thing it’s NOT about it’s freedom. Freedom’s not part of the game; freedom doesn’t come into it at all. There’s this thing called communication that we go on about a lot only it’s not communication its trickery. Since when are trickery and communication the same thing? In trickery there is no communication – first you throw out the lure and then you reel them in. The lure takes the form of innocent communication but it’s nothing of the sort. It’s just a device, just a gimmick. You reel them in and you get them to operate on your terms and then you win no matter what they do. No matter what they do they’re playing by your rules, they’re operating on your terms and so you’ve already won. They’re doing what you want them to do no matter what they do and so you’ve got them just where you want them. Control’s the real name of the game not communication; no one likes communication – there’s no way of knowing where communication is going to take you and that’s no good to anyone! With control you ALWAYS know where things are going to go – they’re going to go where you want them to go, where you’ve always wanted them to go. If you play the game right, that is. If you don’t play the game right then it doesn’t go the way you wanted it to go, obviously. It goes someone else’s way instead. It goes the way someone else wants it to go. Isn’t that what Nietzsche calls ‘the will to power’? Don’t we all operate on the basis of the will to power? What else matters to us if not this? It’s all about getting to be the one who says what reality is; it’s all about getting to be the one decides what reality is going to be. What greater aim in life could there be than this? That’s why we’re all playing the power game, even though we always say that we’re not. Saying that we’re not playing the power game is a well-known move in the power game. Some of us are big-shots and the rest of us are small-fry but we’re playing the very same game, both the mighty and the weak. We’re all following in His footsteps, after all. I’m sure you know who I’m taking about…






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