Your Teachers Will Instruct You

Your teachers will instruct you on how to bark like a dog, for surely that is the only small bit of wisdom left to you! Bark for all you’re worth – bark out the wisdom that is hidden deep in your very innermost innards, my friends, for surely that is the only way that it shall ever come out! Bark as if your very sanity depended upon it! Bark your hearts out my dear friends, for surely this is the only way wisdom will ever come to you… Thus began my long diatribe against the Absurd and Preposterous Conventions of Living that we have been given by our Imbecilic Forefathers to observe, and which every one of us slavishly adopts, and for which we daily congratulate ourselves, considering our pointless but nevertheless conscientious efforts in the direction of Progressing Our Ludicrous Nonsensicality to be the Very Pinnacle of Human Achievement. This was to be the beginning of a long and particularly biting diatribe against the Unsurpassed Foolishness of our Human Ways but all too quickly I foundered.  All too quickly I lost my way. I found myself at sea and hopelessly adrift without a rudder. I had quite lost the gist of what I had been saying and was wandering off aimlessly down the highways and byways of my habitual neurotic preoccupations. These are roads that I know only too well. I know them like the back of my own hand – I know them better than I know the back of my own hand since I actually don’t know the back of my hand that well. I suppose I would recognize it and pick it out if I had to but there is no great familiarity there – I wouldn’t really be able to describe the back of my own hand even if it were necessary (for whatever reason) for me to do so. The highways and byways of my neurotic preoccupations are a different matter however – I could describe these until the cows come home. My neurotic preoccupations are well-worn tracks in the wilderness, they are little eddies in the Great Flow of Consciousness that I have for no particular reason got trapped in. And will stay trapped in. These eddies have great stability – they are I’m afraid here to stay. They are here for the long haul. Moments of clarity come but they are few and far between – I say something but then the next thing is that I don’t know where I’m going with it. I have to ad lib, I have to confabulate, I have to fill in the gaps as best I can and there are a lot of them. It’s mainly gaps, as far as I can see… I made myself into a stupid ignorant bastard and then the psychic wind changed, as it does, and I have stayed that way! I have been caught out like a fool and made to live with my mistake. Every little eddy in the Consciousness Stream is a blueprint for a wretchedly small and ignorantly prejudiced mind and it is a blueprint that we can’t avoid using time and time again! We’ll use it til the day we die. We use it on every occasion because we have nothing else to use! It’s the only tune we know how to play and it’s a bad one, more is the pity. People would pay you to stop playing it, so they would. It’s the only thing I have to say so I’m going to keep on saying it…



Art: Marcin Owczarek







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