Lying Like Demons

Every word I read pulls me rudely into a murky pestilential world of forgetting. I am instantly contaminated, instantly drawn into the toxic mire.


So much for reading! And reading is supposed to be something that broadens the mind, expands the horizons, etc. How can people say that, I wonder, when all I need to do is to wander into a bookshop, randomly pull a book down from the shelves and then open the book – also randomly – to see all these filthy contaminating words lying there on the page, just waiting to snare the unwary reader…


Reading is just another word for being pulled headlong into the toxic mire of forgetting, as I have just indicated. The point is worth repeating. It’s as well to be perfectly clear about it – not that anyone ever is. ‘Clarity’ is hardly the right word to be used in this connection! Clarity doesn’t come into it; falling headlong into the stinking pit of forgetfulness, on the other hand, definitely does come into it. That comes into it big time.


Everything is a toxic mire of forgetting really. We can’t blame the book shops alone for this – everyone’s at it. Everyone wants you to be unconscious; any time you meet someone you can be sure of one thing and that is that they want you to become unconscious! That’s their undisclosed agenda. And it’s not just that they ‘want’ you to become unconscious – they absolutely insist on it. They won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They are single-minded in the extreme. They are tenacious. I was going to say that ‘they won’t be happy until you have become as unconscious as they are’ but then I realized that this isn’t true – they aren’t happy now and they won’t be happy when they get what they want either. They’re never going to be happy – happiness doesn’t come into it! They’ll be just as miserable as ever. What other way could they be when they’re stuck in the toxic mire of unconsciousness? What other alternatives are there?


It’s not really about being happy, is it? Unconsciousness, I mean. This world of ours. Unconsciousness was never about being happy. It’s simply about being irresponsible. Nothing of what we do has anything to do with happiness – none of our actions are going to lead to happiness and they’re not designed to. That isn’t the point. None of our strategies have happiness as their aim; just as none of our skills (or technologies) yield joy or peace of mind. That’s not on our agenda. When you’re in the mire of unconsciousness then it’s suffering that’s on the agenda – and plenty of it! Misery is the name of the game we’re playing. We’re saturated in it…


How stupid all of this is! What a ridiculous, hideously ignominious travesty of life all of this is. It’s absolutely diabolical. That’s the only word for it – diabolical. I can see that now. I can see it clearly. When you meet people they will lie right to your face. They will shout lies right into your face. The politicians aren’t the only ones who are lying like demons the whole time – everyone’s at it. We’re all at it. Everyone you meet – and it doesn’t matter who – is always going to be claiming, either explicitly or implicitly, to be in favour of happiness. They are going to say that ‘happiness is a good thing’. Everyone’s claiming to be ‘pro-happiness (what else would they say, anyway?) but the point that I’m making here is that they’re NOT. They really, really aren’t…


The very last thing people are interested in is your happiness – the truth is that everyone you meet is always trying to get you addicted either to one thing or the other. Addicted to misery, when it comes down to it. They’re trying to infect you with their filthy ideas, so you can be miserable just like they are. They want to make you be like they are. Do you think this has anything to do with ‘happiness’?


The whole world claims to be ‘pro-happiness’. Everywhere you go people (or organizations that are made up of people) are going to say that they are interested in your happiness and well-being. They’re shouting it at you every day. But they are of course all outright liars. Lying is their game. If they were genuinely interested in your happiness (or their own, for that matter) then they would do something about it. They wouldn’t just be talking about it. It wouldn’t all be ‘just talk’ – something would actually happen. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, after all…


If we were sincere in what we say then we would take steps, we would do something about it, we would give up on the dirty old game of denial that we’re playing, but we’re not and we don’t. We just want to keep on doing what we always do. All we want to do is bury our heads in the sand, same as always. All we’re interested in doing is digging ever-deeper holes for ourselves in the filthy dirty toxic mire of unconsciousness…







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