I couldn’t tell if I was hunting the Uropygid or if the Uropygid was hunting me. It was definitely one way or another – that was for sure. Something was hunting something else. There was malevolence in the air but I couldn’t say who it belonged to. All of a sudden I was coming around the corner, sneakily-like, and there right in front of me I could see the target, caught unawares. I attacked straightaway, seizing the opportunity, taking the window of opportunity that had come my way. I felt my mandibles bite deep and then the next thing I knew I was doubled over in agony. The pain I was experiencing was beyond anything I had ever known in my life. I realized that I was being attacked and somehow managed to break free, not knowing how I found the strength to fight back as ferociously as I did. As I tore myself from the creature’s grasp I landed a kick right in the middle of its chitinous carapace, lifting it into the air. The kick had connected properly and I allowed myself to hope that I had inflicted some damage. Free from its clutches I turned and ran, limping badly from the wound in my leg, hoping to find something to use as a weapon against the monster. My mind was whirring like a machine, whirring through all the possibilities for escape. I knew that I had damaged its shell just now, but I also knew that I couldn’t afford to tangle with it again at close quarters as I just had done. It was just too strong for me – too strong and too fast. My only chance was to outsmart it – I had to trick it in some way. The creature didn’t seem particularly intelligent to me; cunning, with deadly fast reflexes, but not overly smart. I had to lure it into some sort of environment where I had the advantage and not it. And then the next thing I knew I was the hunter again and I was calculating the odds – at lightening fast speed – from the other point of view. I knew that I had the upper hand – my prey was injured and losing a lot of blood and the next time I closed with it would be the last. I would finish this business once and for all, and then I would feed. I could feel the terrible hunger building up within me – it had been months since I had last fed. Prey had become very scarce, of late. The thought of feeding gave me fresh energy and I scuttled after the prey-type creature at a tremendous pace. I was following its heat-track. Fresh venom had gathered in my poison sacs and I was itching to inject it. I was longing for the kill. Then I realized that the predator had given me its mind, just to taunt me…





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