It had rained during the night and in the morning the driveway

Outside my house

Was full of puddles of the purest joy.

Well, perhaps not the purest – some of them were perhaps a little muddy.



Well straightaway I’m out there,

My broom in my hand,

Sweeping the puddles

Sweeping the puddles away.

I can’t have this,

I say to myself – I can’t have this at all!

Why, someone might come to visit me and step in one of these deep puddles

And then they’d have to go around with wet feet for the rest of the day.

They’ll probably come down with some unpleasant fungal infection

Of the toes…



But as soon as I said this I knew I was lying.

I was lying for sure.

I kind of know that about myself – that I’m as dishonest as the day is long!

I can’t trust a thing that I say

As soon as I open my mouth I’m telling a lie.



Be that as it may,

I’m out there in a flash with my big old broom

More of a yard-brush than a broom I suppose you’d say

And I’m sweeping, sweeping, sweeping

Sweeping as if the devil himself had gotten into me…

Sweeping all those pesky puddles away!




Photo – Kyle Thompson



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