Is It Wrong To Make Your Own Reality?

What happens when we create our own reality? What does it MEAN to ‘create your own reality’? Is it wrong to create your own reality? Is it a problem? These are the type of questions I am asking myself right now. I know that idiots used to go on and on about this back in the eighties and nineties as if it were such a great thing. As if it was the answer to everything. Even at the time this baloney failed to wash with me. Even at the time I saw this for the nonsense it was. You know the type of idiots I’m talking about here. New Age Gurus. Witless blabberers I call them…


Part of the problem is this notion of ‘asking meaningful questions’. Me I mean, not the New Age Blabberers. What I have now discovered is that our so-called ‘questions’ (my so-called ‘questions’) aren’t questions at all – we’re just reiterating our core assumptions out of insecurity. We’ve all been reiterating our core assumptions for as long as we’ve been able to say our own names, just about, so what’s wrong with reiterating them again? Give the old rattle one more shake, why don’t you. Only don’t call it asking questions. Asking questions is something different.


When I ask myself these questions all I’m really doing is vibrating. I’m just vibrating on the spot, waiting to see what happens when I shake my rattle for the ten billionth time. Hang on now lads I’m going to give it another bit of a shake. This is the experiment – what happens when I boldly vibrate between one known possibility and another? Where is this going to get me? What new perspectives will this throw up? Needless to say I can hardly wait to find out. It’s all cutting edge stuff. I’ll keep you posted what happens. Watch this space…


Making your own reality is a SIN really. That’s what I’ve now come to understand. That’s what ‘sinning’ is – it’s making your own reality. It’s pure hubris, which was Lucifer’s undoing, as we all know. So here I am making up my own reality. Making it up as I go along. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Does this sound good to you? Does this sound like a good thing? It obviously did to the New Age Blabberers. It obviously sounded brilliant to them. They were wetting themselves over it. How exactly does one create one’s own reality though? What do we have to go on? So here’s me and I don’t know what reality it, I haven’t a clue, I’m in the dark, but never mind – I’ll make it up myself! Sure why not?


You see the thing is that it’s WRONG to make your own reality. It’s very wrong indeed. It’s the wrongest thing there could ever be. Like I say, it’s a sin. It’s like pretending you can do something when you can’t. It’s like making a house out of your own ignorance, a world out of your own ignorance. It’s compounding your own ignorance with endless further strands of your ignorance and making a big sticky ball of it. Then you roll the ball down the hill. When we advance on the basis of the ignorance we aren’t admitting to (on the basis of what we don’t know but say that we know) then this is very bad shit. There’s no way out of this one – it can only ever get worse (and it was bad to start off with). We tell ourselves that it’s all working out for us, of course. We tell ourselves that it’s all OK and that we’re getting somewhere, that we’re on the right path. What’s more, we’ll drag everyone else down this road too if we possibly can. We’ll do our best to condemn them to the same fate as us. That’s called ‘the blind leading the blind’. That’s called ‘society’.


That’s what ‘sinning’ is all about. Making your own reality. That’s the real sin. Not what those dumb-ass preachers in the Southern USA try to make out with all their fire-and-brimstone bull crap. They’re as lost and as blind as everyone else. They are echoing humanity’s frightening ignorance back at them. They’re making their own reality and they’re trying to pull you down with them. Same as everyone else. Making your own reality is a terrible, terrible thing. That’s what I’m trying to say here. It’s a horror. And do you know what the most terrible thing about it is? The fact that you just can’t stop doing it, no matter what…







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