The T-2-G Universe

The spaceship had malfunctioned and we had fallen into the immense gravitational field of the Type-2 Garbage Universe. It was like being sucked into a long dark tunnel – a tunnel with no light  at the other end. As we entered the T-2-G Universe I found my thoughts changing their character – they were congealing, becoming heavier, clunkier. It is always like this upon entering the T-2-G Universe, I thought heavily to myself. The thought reverberated within me like a great sad bell. It was sounding my doom.


“Why is it always like this upon entering the T-2-G Universe?” I asked myself mournfully, full of a kind of incoherent slow-motion anguish. Then I realized that I had never been in the T-2-G Universe before. I knew very well that I hadn’t – this was all new to me. It was my first time in the T-2-G Universe and yet I felt that I already knew everything that lay ahead of me. It was like remembering an old nightmare from one’s childhood, and realizing then that it had become real…


The T-2-G Universe has its own form of gravity – once you’re in it you feel that you’ve always been there. You feel that you’ve never left. More than this, you feel that there had never been anywhere else to be. It closes in on you very fast. You get overtaken by it and then you forget what it is that has overtaken you. You lose sight of the catastrophe. Once you are in it the T-2-G Universe defines you completely – you become a function of its rules. It’s heavy, heavy rules. These rules are like iron and you are bent under the weight of them. That’s what it’s like being in the T-2-G Universe – it’s like being swallowed up into the very bowels of the earth and being entombed there alive.


Once you’re in the T-2-G Universe it’s like you’ve always been there. Even if you’ve never been there. It reaches back in time and erases your history. It rewrites your history in its own terms. There’s a terrible, terrible familiarity to the T-2-G Universe – it’s like a form of gravity. It’s like the type of gravity that bends everything back on itself. The T-2-G Universe bends reality right back on itself so that there’s nowhere else to go. It’s not even that there’s nowhere else to go – there’s no possibility of you even imagining that there might be somewhere else to go. The language to express that possibility no longer exists. Words are like stones, littered carelessly on a vast granite plain. It is as if they have been thrown there with casual yet immense violence….


So here we are. Or rather here I am. I don’t know what happened to the others – I’m all alone in this place and all around me I can see the afflicted inhabitants of the T-2-G Universe going about their daily business – carrying things, lifting things, pushing things in dilapidated-looking carts. The wheels on the carts are squeaking painfully, in desperate need of oil. The inhabitants of this land look weary, oppressed, despondent, dispirited, and downtrodden. As well they might be, I reflected. As well they might be. As well they might be…


Soon I will be one of them, I thought glumly, compelled like they are by senseless mechanical laws to pursue illusory goals, to labour away repetitively at horribly pointless gruelling tasks in the vain hope of some sort of salvation.


The Type-2 Garbage Universe had malfunctioned and now I was in the spaceship. I was climbing out of the spaceship, staring at the bleak and inhospitable landscape that now confronted me. The spaceship had melted, distorted beyond all recognition. We had entered the Rubbish World and it was malfunctioning. It was always malfunctioning. We entered the spaceship and it was no longer a spaceship – it had turned into a shopping mall. All around me downcast shoppers are purchasing products. They look weary, dispirited and depressed. No one smiles. They are shopping repetitively and pointlessly in the vain hope of some sort of redemption…





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