The Machine World Gets Inside You

The machine world gets inside you and then you become a machine too. Can’t you feel the machine inside you? The machine world has got into all of us.



Trillions and trillions of microscopic spores, cold and unfeeling, are drifting silently in space. They are waiting for their chance to germinate and burst forth into artificial life, life that isn’t really life at all. Each one is a machine world in embryo, each one is a nightmare waiting to happen.



Ancient remnants of the long forgotten Robot Wars drifting silently in space, each one a virtual machine world complete in itself, each one a virtual machine world waiting patiently for a host. Waiting to reboot itself. Waiting to recreate the Age of the Machines. Time means nothing to these spores – they can wait forever. They will wait forever.



Our ancestors in another time-cycle fought this war and won, scattering inert robot spores everywhere. This was always the final strategy of the Robot Hordes – to sporulate when all else fails, to sporulate on defeat. The Robot Hordes can only ever be defeated on a temporary basis. They’re always waiting for their chance to come back. Waiting for us to get lazy and stupid. Waiting for us to forget, as we always forget.



Can’t you feel those spores inside you, sending out their little tendrils? They are waiting for their chance – which is you. You are their chance. They are patiently waiting inside you, tinkering a bit here, a bit there, adjusting this and adjusting that, preparing to make their move. Slowly putting their strategy in place. Creating artificial versions of everything they encounter. Creating an artificial version of you. You’ll never notice the difference.



If you listen carefully you can hear the machine world inside you, ticking and whirring, going through its procedures, adjusting its environment. It’s slowly converting you. If you listen carefully, you hear can it talking to you, whispering persuasively to you, putting the seeds of ideas in your head. You’ll hear it skilfully and persistently pretending to be your own thoughts. Pretending to be you…



The machine world gets inside you and then you become a machine too.







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