Behind The Smile

What’s behind people? Do you ever ask yourself that? Do you ever wonder about that. What’s actually behind them? A smile a nod a blank face. A cross face. A bored face. A taking the piss face. A superior face. An ‘I know what I’m talking about face’. Sometimes people may say things to you sometimes they don’t but what’s behind it all? What’s the difference? They may talk at you. Like an involuntary reflex but what’s behind it? The muscles in their faces may make smiles, but what of it? Sometimes a whole big load of talk comes out of their faces. Intelligent people can say intelligent stuff to you. Stupid people can say stupid shit and as a rule they generally do. I wonder what the difference is though. I can’t really see it. Can you see it? What lies behind all that talk is a comfortable opinion. Lots of comfortable opinions some are stupid and some are smart but all are very comfortable. So comfortable. It’s all the same really because there’s nothing behind the opinions, nothing at all. You think there is? We’re led to believe there is. We’re led to believe, led to believe. But we’re always led to believe that’s the name of the game isn’t it. That’s the nature of the exercise. We go where we’re led. We ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go there. You bet we always go there. We go there all the time. But there’s nothing there really so don’t look. I know you won’t anyway. If you do look you’ll see something frightening. You’ll see something very frightening. You don’t want to see it – I know you don’t. You know you don’t. What you’ll see is nothing. You’ll see nothing because there’s nothing there! An empty desert. A hollow wasteland stretching off blankly in all directions with no one there. Because you’re not supposed to look behind the comfortable talk the comfortable opinion the comfortable banalities of everyday life. Why would you scare yourself like that? All the people you meet the people on the television all so comfortable. They’ll give you their opinion but there’s nothing behind it. They never look behind what they say so why should you? It’s a spooky feeling. You might give yourself a bit of a fright. Bit of a nasty moment. Something you’re not supposed to see. Like catching someone sitting on the toilet. Expressing a comfortable opinion. Giving you a smile or a nod walking by you on the street. If you meet someone they might smile at you. Contort their faces. You’re not supposed to look so why would you. Comfortable professional faces. The whole world is just a comfortable opinion so why would you look behind it? Comfortable comfortable comfortable. Take a seat. Take a pew. All so very comfortable. Why would you ever wonder what lies behind it? Why would you want to?





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