People are such bastards, aren’t they? Yatter, yatter, yatter – that’s all they ever do. Blabber, blabber, blabber. Do they care that they’re never actually saying anything at all, that they’re talking non-stop shyte as fast as their mouths will let them? Do they fuck. They couldn’t care less. They are sublimely indifferent to the fact. As I say, they are complete bastards.


Well yes, you might say, but they don’t know that they are yabbering on about nonsense. They don’t realize it. It’s not as if they are wittering on about pure nonsense on purpose – they think that what they’re saying makes sense! That’s the illusion they’re labouring under. They think that it’s all good stuff. High grade conversation. Very interesting. Quality product.


I wonder about that, though. I really do seriously wonder about that. You see, I’m starting to think that they are doing it on purpose. Precisely that. Exactly that. I’m starting to think that they know exactly what they’re doing. It seems to me that it’s all part some of some deliberate scam – people aren’t really that stupid. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the time that I’ve spent on this planet it’s that people aren’t as anywhere near as stupid as they make themselves out to be. No sir they’re not. That’s just some kind of camouflage or disguise that they’ve learned to put up. Learned at an early age.


Well what kind of a thing would that be, you might ask. What kind of a thing is it where people consistently pretend to be as dumb as shit when they’re not? That would be a hell of a thing, wouldn’t it? That would be totally insane, to put it mildly. But you’d be wrong if you thought that. It’s not insane. It’s far from insane. It’s downright sinister, in my book. There’s something very bad going on here. Something the majority of us are far too innocent (or far too naïve) to ever suspect. Or perhaps we do suspect. Perhaps we do more than just suspect. Perhaps we know exactly what’s going on. Perhaps – underneath the act we’re all putting on – we know only too well. We’re just going to keep on pretending that we don’t know. Keeping up the watertight act. The act that we’ll never admit to be an act. Because for some reason its a no no to ever admit that…


My thoughts are rudely interrupted by the unnecessarily loud voice of the woman sitting at the table next to me. “Welcome to my world!” she says. Welcome to my world.  Welcome to my world. Now you know what it’s like for me, in other words. “Welcome to MY world you bastards” I think to myself. Welcome to my world which is a world where I have to listen to people saying ‘welcome to my world’ in their unnecessarily loud voices. Which is a world in which people are constantly yap yap yapping like idiots even though they have nothing to say. Which is a world where people are practically tripping over themselves in their mad rush to see who can come out with the most hideously inane nonsense.


I glance at the time on my phone as I finish the last of my Americano. I feel depressed. I feel thoroughly nauseated. It is only ten thirty in the morning and already the day has gone to shit.






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