Fear Makes Liars Of Us All

Did you ever find that your mind controls you completely and causes you to blurt out a whole load of generic bullshit? Did you ever have the experience of your mind over-riding you, over-ruling you, over-powering you and controlling you so that you come out with a whole heap of totally generic stuff and imagine at the same time that what you’re coming out with so compulsively is actually completely authentic, completely unique to you? That’s just my little joke, by the way. That’s my little attempt at gentle irony, although it probably didn’t come across very well. My attempts at humour rarely do. The point that I’m trying to make is of course that it’s utterly pointless to ask a question like this. It’s the most sublimely pointless thing in the world. What’s anyone going to say anyway, for god’s sake? It’s like asking “Is there anyone there in the audience who is completely deluded? Please raise your arm if this accurately describes your situation.” This is of course a joke because anyone who is completely deluded won’t know that they are because this is what it means to be deluded. What sort of delusion would it be anyway where you know full well that you are in fact being deluded? That would be a pretty poor type of delusion, in my book. Not really worth a damn. So if some smartass comes up to you and asks you if you have ever had the experience of having your mind compel you to come out with a whole heap of inanely generic shit whilst being hoodwinked into feeling very strongly that it’s coming freely from your own true self and that is isn’t laughably inane generic bullshit and that no one has ever said it before or ever will again then obviously you aren’t going to say yeah I have that experience from time to time alright. I get what you’re saying there. Who do you think is going to say that? Is that ever really going to happen? Please tell me that you know that this is never going to happen. Now the next question is of course how do I know that what I’ve just been coming out with isn’t a whole load of mind-created bullshit? How do I know that it’s me that’s really saying this and not some stinking viral programme that’s got lodged in my brain and that is controlling all my behavioural output? How could I know that I’m not just being controlled to think that I’m not being controlled? Do you ever feel that your dumb-ass crappy old mind is controlling you to make you talk total bullshit that you think makes perfect sense? Do you ever get that feeling? Can you relate to that? I’m in my happy place doing the happy thing. I’m in my happy place thinking happy thoughts like, “Isn’t everything great?” I’m happy in my happy place. Everything is so great. I’m having such a great time. Only it’s not a happy place at all it’s the Fear World in disguise. I’m trapped in the Fear World. I’m trapped in the Fear World and I’m pretending to myself that everything is fine. I’m pretending very hard. Fear makes liars of us all, doesn’t it?






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