When You’re Living In The Dead World

When we’re living in the dead world then things take on a certain character, a certain kind of flavour. That’s only natural, that’s only to be expected wouldn’t you say? You can’t expect too much from the dead world – you can’t expect anything interesting anyway that much is for sure! You can’t expect any actual content. I’m kind of running out of things to say about the dead world, and that makes my point for me. That illustrates the point that I’m trying to make here perfectly…


Life isn’t exactly a laugh a minute here and that’s just something you have to get used to. Getting used to stuff is where it’s at, really. Get used to it boy, they say. Adaptation is the key. People think adaptation is a good thing, don’t they? This really makes me laugh, or at least it would make me laugh if I had in me to do that. Laugh I mean. I feel that kind of a feeling that you feel when you know that you might have found something funny, if the situation were otherwise. If you still had a sense of humour somewhere. People are all about adaptation – that’s the key to everything if you are to listen to the received wisdom on the subject. Whatever that phrase means because now that I think about it I’m not sure that I do. But adaptation isn’t great – we think that it is but that just goes to show what jackasses we all are. We’ve adapted to being dumb so cleverly that we now think that it’s clever to be dumb!


Adaptation is the worst thing going. It’s insidious. Everyone thinks that you’re an anachronism or that you’re a fool or a freak or a fuddy-duddy if you can’t adapt. You’re not even worth talking to anymore. You’re not in the loop. There’s so much pressure to do the type of thing that everyone else is doing, whatever that might turn out to be. I don’t actually know what it is – I don’t even pretend to know. That’s the key to social acceptability, without any doubt at all – doing the type of thing that everyone else is doing! That’s how you get validation from your peers and we all know how important that is…


The problem you see – and please forgive me if I’m labouring the point just a little bit too hard here – is that when we adapt to the dead world then we lose the ability to see that it is the dead world. That’s where we’re going wrong – when we look at what’s going on as something that it’s important to adapt to (adapt, adapt, adapt why don’t you) then we’re not exactly being critical about it, are we? On the contrary, we’re criticizing ourselves for not being adapted enough to whatever dumb thing it is that’s going on around us. Either that or we’re all smug and self-congratulatory for having succeeded in seamlessly adapting ourselves to the prevailing bullshit. As if we’re so bloody clever. Doesn’t it make you sick? It should do. It sure as hell makes me sick. I could throw up just thinking about it.


So the point is that when we adapt to whatever it is that we have to adapt to then this is what creates the dead world. It’s an equilibrium state – it’s the mental death of the human race. It’s the graveyard of the soul. It’s what happens when we do our best to get really, really good at doing what everyone else is doing, when we get all precious and competitive about it. Adaptation is what creates the dead world, for God’s sake.


Adaptation is guaranteed to create the dead world every time. And the icing on the cake is that because we’re adapted to the dead world we don’t know that it’s the dead world. We think that it’s something else, something cool. I don’t know what people think it is. I doubt if they do either actually – I very much doubt that they give it any thought at all. That’s the whole point of the dead world – that no one actually knows what the hell they’re doing. Isn’t it enough that everyone else is doing it, for God’s sake? What more would you want?




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