Broken Things

We human beings are such broken things, aren’t we? Not that there is any shame or indignity in being broken – often enough that’s the only time when we do find our dignity. The indignity that I’m talking about comes from our obstinate insistence that we aren’t broken, that we know exactly what we’re doing. The more broken we are the more insistent we are – we insist so much that we get everyone else to make the same mistake we are making. We’re not content to go wrong on our own. We would be scandalized if anyone were to suggest that there might be any other way of doing things, any other way of looking at things. We are outraged when people are reluctant to do as we do and follow in our broken footsteps. We are infinitely condemning of anyone who refuses to collude with our foolishness. Not our foolishness but our vile lies, I should say – the pernicious vile lies that we won’t stop telling ourselves. Nothing is as important to us as these lies; nothing must be permitted to stand in their way…


The more broken we are inside the more we insist that we know what we are doing. We band together to insist, like the cowards we are. We rely on force of numbers to win through, nothing else. We have nothing else.  We insist in groups. We insist en masse. Leaders appear – strident mouthpieces of our collective insistence. We all know these leaders, don’t we? They are familiar faces, familiar voices. We see and hear them every day. Have you never wondered how they manage to sound so ridiculously confident? Have you have never thought it strange, pathological even? They are the brokenest of us all, these leaders. They are our dysfunctionality made manifest in human form. They are our collective sickness growing legs and arms and walking amongst us.


I don’t wish to sound harsh and vindictive, even though I know I do. Our leaders, our standard-bearers are the most broken of us all. We use them – we want them to be what they are and they fall willingly into the role. This is their fatal weakness, so to speak. Their fatal weakness is that they are so prone to mistaking our need to have them manifest our collective sickness for an actual appreciation of who they are and what they themselves have to say. It is of course nothing of the sort – we don’t care about them at all. We couldn’t care less. We only want to hear our prejudices reflected back at us as if they were not mere prejudices but some kind of glorious truth. This is what we are so hungry for. It’s the same thing with celebrities, isn’t it? We supposedly adore them when the truth is that we don’t have any feelings for them whatsoever. We just want them to be the passive empty carriers of our projections; we want to adore our own projections because adoring (or hating) our own projections is how we get to stay safely asleep, safely unconscious…


So we use our celebrities and our leaders in order to stay unconscious because that’s what we want. Because that’s the only thing that we want. We certainly don’t care about anything else other than staying asleep – although we always claim that we do. That’s one of the lies that we tell ourselves – we tell ourselves that we care, we tell ourselves that we have a conscience. That’s an important lie. So it’s no good us blaming our leaders for the way things are any more than it makes sense to blame our celebrities for being so terribly dumb! That’s ridiculous – we’re having it both ways then. Though that’s the way we like to have it, of course. That’s typical of our bullshit really, isn’t it? What assholes we are. And yet I don’t suppose we can blame ourselves for this either because it’s not as if we know what we’re doing. We really don’t. Take a look around you – do you think people know what they’re doing here? Of course they don’t. We don’t have a clue about what we’re at – we’re completely and utterly deluded…






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