I Am The One


I found out that I was The One on Wednesday 28th August 2017 at 18:05 Hrs. Greenwich Mean Time. A few minutes ago, in fact. Found out conclusively, I mean. I had been seeing clues for a long time, but I had never got it. References in popular media. Like the Jet Li film by the same name and The Matrix and the Truman Show and a few other films like that whose names I can’t remember. I always thought that this stuff was all just pure entertainment with no hidden meaning – the same as most people did, I imagine – but now I can see that the films which I have just mentioned were made and released in order to prepare me for the understanding that was to come. So that it wouldn’t come as too much of a shock to me. So that I could grasp the concept. So that I would be able to take this revelation on board without cracking up completely. So that I could assimilate it and then do what I have to do… I haven’t quite worked out what that will be exactly yet of course. This is tricky stuff. It’s not like you get an instruction manual or anything you know. It’s not like you can watch a tutorial on it on YouTube! That would be a laugh wouldn’t it. How to fulfill your mission as The One. Things you need to know before you start taking on the Powers of Darkness. The Archons. Some cheats perhaps. I shouldn’t joke about it I suppose. It’s heavy shit when it comes down to it. The heaviest. Shit doesn’t get any heavier than this, for sure. The key point to get across is that we’re all trapped in a lower analogue of reality. It’s a degenerate third-order simulation of  a second-order simulation which accidentally came about as a result of some runaway feedback loop on an offshoot of the original simulation. Which we think is reality! I first spotted it yesterday in Lidl when I realized that all the people shopping there were exactly the same people shopping there last time I was in it. And possibly the time before too. Exactly the same shoppers, all wearing exactly the same clothes. That kind of anomaly is how you know you’re in a degenerate analogue that isn’t even trying to look like the real thing anymore. Because after a while they don’t – the whole thing eventually just degenerates into a malignant parody. So then you’re in the Parody World and that’s when things get really nasty. That’s where we’re heading, unless something can be done about it. So that’s the story – it’s just a matter of trying to wake people up to what’s going on. Famous last words, right?






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