Feaster Party

A crew of heavy-duty feasters have moved into town. That’s the news. That’s what’s going on – just in case you are interested. Which probably I’d say you won’t be! But if you are actually interested I can assure you that this is the case. You can take my word for it. It’s easy enough to spot the signs if you have happened to have had any experience in these matters, which admittedly most people haven’t. The most obvious sign is that the inhabitants of the town will begin before very long to look strangely flat, emotionally-speaking. They will cease to smile and will appear peculiarly blank in their facial expression. It will become clear that their spark has been extinguished, in some way or other. There’s generally a bad energy to the place as well – people are cold and unfriendly and an air of menace tends to hang in the air. These are all sure signs of feasters at work. These are all sure indications that a bunch of feasters have moved in and are busy harvesting the life-energies of the unfortunate population.


That’s feasters for you. That’s what they do. As far as I know they pretty much aren’t capable of doing anything else. They certainly wouldn’t be interested in engaging in any other more diverse behaviours – draining the life -energy out of humans is just about it really. Feasters are only interested in one thing in my experience, and that’s feasting! Boy do those old feasters love feasting. They surely do…


I know other people would have a different viewpoint on the matter. They might for example tell you that the symptoms I have just described are a result of modern culture which by its very nature will eventually tend to turn folk into soulless androids. Modern life is all about shopping and apps and mobile phones and the technology of mass distraction, along with the necessity to commit oneself to meaningless mechanical work in order to be able to afford all these distractions and if this doesn’t suck the life force out of you then what will? This is what many people will tell you, no doubt. I can see the point that is being made here of course and there’s certainly more than a grain of truth in it. Who could deny that? Other people will point the finger at the big corporations and make the argument that it is in the interests of these corporations that we should be turned into witless addicted consumers concerned only with reading about the banal misdemeanours of mass-produced generic celebrities and buying whatever filthy harmful rubbish the advertising companies tell us we should be coveting. And this is perfectly true as well – I can’t argue with this. Of course the big planet-governing corporations want us to be their brainwashed puppets living fake trashy lives so as to maximize their profit margins – what other strategy could they possibly be expected to adopt? Tell me something I don’t know…


But my point is that all of this comes down to the feasters. Who do you think is behind all the mega-corporations? Who do you think is working behind the scenes manipulating the manipulators? Whose agenda would you say it is that is being served by this superficial nonsense we call ‘modern life’? Just because you can’t see the feasters doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, you know. They’re there all right – I’ve seen them. Do you think that it’s just an accident that the human race is acting in a way that is so colossally irresponsible? People aren’t really that stupid. They aren’t stupid at all – they’ve been got at. We’re all under a spell, a malign enchantment. Nobody believes in spells and enchantments any more of course – we’re all far too sophisticated for that. But what does it matter what we believe? We’ve all been hypnotized by the feasters and what we either believe or don’t believe doesn’t matter a damn.


Feasters love to feast – that’s the bottom line. They love it so much. That’s all they ever do. They feast, they gorge themselves, they stick their drooling satanic snouts in the trough and hoover up all the good stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Is it any wonder that we copy them; is it any surprise that we unknowingly mimic our masters? The predators give us their mind – did you ever hear that? If only you could see them, as I do, feasting to their hearts’ content. If only you could see how much they love feasting and how little they care for us, that would shake you out of your complacency! ‘Feasters’, you scoff, ‘why do you keep going on about these damn feasters? Get real, for God’s sake.’ But feasters are real. I’ve seen them. The feasters. The Eaters of Life…


‘Well what town is it that they have moved into?’ you may ask, full of sarcasm. It’s a little old place called Earth. Perhaps you have heard of it? The feasters have come to Earth Town and they’re having themselves a party…





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