The Smilers

The Smilers are back in town. They never really left, did they? The Smilers are back in town. The Smilers are very much in evidence. They are here, there and everywhere and there’s never a word out of them. That’s the Smilers for you. That’s Smilers if you please. Smiling smiling smiling. Smiling fit to burst. Smiling all the while. They won’t say anything to you, mind. Never a word. They’ll just keep on smiling. Circling slowly all the while, menace on their lips…


They’re as cute as you like, those Smilers. They’ll keep on edging up to you, smiling all the while. Their little white perfectly formed teeth just barely showing between their glossy lips. As demure as you please. The deadly earnest glint in their eyes as they close in. You don’t want to let them fool you those Smilers – they’re not smiling because they’re nice! It doesn’t bode well for anyone that gets close enough to see them smile and that’s a fact. It doesn’t bode well at all…


They might be smartly dressed those Smilers but don’t let that fool you. They might have all the gear and all the fashion but that doesn’t mean anything. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything nice about them! There’s nothing even remotely nice about those old Smilers. They keep on smiling and smiling and smiling as they edge up closer to you but there’s nothing friendly about those teeth. Those teeth come straight out of an ad for dental hygiene. Those teeth come right out of an awards ceremony. You could see your face in those teeth, if you get close enough.


Mind you, you don’t really want to get that close. It wouldn’t be in your own best interest to get that close to a Smiler and that’s a fact. The proximity wouldn’t bode well for you…  They might have all the latest fashion and they might be seen in all the right places but that doesn’t mean that there’s anything healthy about them. They might use all the right skin-care products and shop only in the finest retail stores but don’t let that fool you – the Smilers aren’t smiling because of the pleasant friendly thoughts they are having! No Sir that’s not it at all. The thoughts they are having would make the blood run cold in your veins in a flash. You don’t want to know what those old Smilers are thinking about. That wouldn’t be good for your mental health. That’s not the kind of thing any decent honest person would ever want to know about.



It’s no good warning you about the Smilers though is it? It’s a complete waste of my time. There’s no point at all. I don’t know why I bother – no one ever listens to me. “Oh aren’t they nice,” you say, “Oh aren’t the Smilers lovely. Just look at them. Look at their nice friendly smiles and the great fashionable gear they’re wearing. And look at their fabulous super-white teeth. They must be nice because they’re smiling so much….”







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