Fat Wanker

This big guy just pushed past me as I was walking down Tachbrook St to Victoria Station. I say ‘big guy’ advisedly – he must have been six four or six five or thereabouts but not just tall and broad-framed in his build but overweight too. Close on to obese, in my opinion. So you could say he was ‘big’ in every sense of the word. A big guy, as I have said. A totally massive guy, in fact. Rude too, because he pushed right past me as if I hadn’t been there. Without any kind of apology. That’s the thing though – it’s not exactly like he needs to apologize, right? He wore this outsize black T-shirt that bore the legend ‘Zeus – King of the Gods’ in faded silver lettering. The way silver so easily gets faded on T-shirts. Plus this stereotyped image. You know the sort of thing: big beard, furrowed godlike forehead, frowning face, handful of thunderbolts ready to hurl at somebody. You get the picture by now I’m sure. The type of crappy image that’s been reproduced a million times – yeah, yeah, yeah it’s Zeus we get it. Yawn. Whatever. For some reason this crappy third-rate image really annoyed me – the Zeus T-shirt irritated me more than the behaviour of the guy who was wearing it. You retarded tosser, I said to myself, just because you have a T-shirt with Zeus on it you think you’re great too. Zeus is great so YOU must be great as well! That’s obviously your lame-ass reasoning. You think that, by magical association, wearing a T-shirt with Zeus on it is saying something about you. You’re great by association, isn’t that it? Keep on dreaming you fucking dumb-ass retarded tosser – Zeus may be great but you’re not. You’re just a fat wanker in a lame T-shirt…






1 thought on “Fat Wanker

  1. René

    Oh yes!
    I can understand you exactly.
    How annoying it is when big guys think they can bully you and you won’t say anything because you’re scared.
    Sure,it’s a fact that size matters;you know,survival of the fittest and all that.But sometimes you got to teach them a lesson,right?
    So,my friends,the right thing to do in those circumstances is simply to take out your gun and shoot them in the knee;that’ll teach them a lesson.

    End of lesson for today;
    you’re welcome🌞


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