By Their Tricks You Shall Know Them

By our tricks we shall trick them. By our tricks they shall know us only they won’t. They won’t see us coming. We will trick them by tricking ourselves first! We trick ourselves every time – that’s how good our tricks are! They’re the business. Our tricks are so damn tricky they’ll even trick the tricker. They’ll trick the tricker every time. I’m so damn smart I’m even fooling myself! I’m fooling myself on a fool-time basis. That’s how smart I am and that’s also how much of a damn fool I am. I’m a pretty smart fool – you’ll have to get up pretty damn early in the morning to get one over on me I’m telling you! No matter how early you get there I’ll be there ahead of you with my bag of tricks. Tricks so damn tricky that they’re jumping all out of the bag like fleas hopping all over the shop they’re crazy-hoppers and they won’t stop crazy-hopping no matter what. I’m twistier than a whole bag of weasels I am I’m twistier than a bag of weasels on speed for god’s sake you can’t get one over on me no matter how fast you get there I’ll always be there first doing a number on myself. Can’t you see me standing there giving you the finger? No sir you won’t get a chance you won’t get a look-in. You can’t get to me because I got to myself first you’d better take your place in the queue geezer because you can’t trick a tricker. You can’t trick a tricker because I’m a thousand times slicker than you’ll ever be I’m so damn slick I don’t see myself coming. My lies are so damn good you’ll never see them coming. I know I don’t! I’m as innocent as a baby. Why – I swallow my own damn bullshit so fast you can’t see me do it the words aren’t even out of my damn mouth yet and I have them swallowed the ink isn’t even dry on the paper the damn trees weren’t even planted yet. Why – I believe my own lies so damn quick there isn’t even any gap no sir no gap at all it’s a seamless structure it’s called society it’s called the world we live in it’s all the very same process it’s all the same damn thing. You’ll never see it happening. Me lying like a total bastard and me believing the damn lies I’m telling like the stupid dumb twat I am its all the very same thing! It’s all the very same move! It’s one and the same. It’s slicker than slick. You’ll never see it coming






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