Fear World

When you fall into the Fear World then that’s it. Game over. You can forget about it – there’s no more to say when you fall into the Fear World. You might as well not bother. No point in saying anything – you might as well save your breath for something else. It’s a foregone conclusion from this point on. It’s written in stone. Immutable fate. The wolf’s going to get you.


What happens in the Fear World is that you create an unreal version of yourself that you then have to protect. You have to guard it with everything you have because if anything bad happens to it then that is the most terrible thing there could ever be. You could not even imagine how terrible that would be. It’s off the scale. You don’t ever want to think about it. Life is very busy in the Fear World – you’re kept on the hop and that’s for sure! No mistake about that, you’re going to be busy busy busy. Plenty of mistakes about everything else but no mistakes about that – you’re tied up completely with the business of protecting the unreal self. You’re sweating buckets over it. You’re sweating blood. No horror worse – they might do injury to the unreal you!


When you’re serving time in the Fear World then you’re on the shortest leash there ever could be! No leash shorter. You aren’t ever going to get anywhere – it’s a choke hold. Have you protected your unreal self sufficiently? Have you taken the necessary steps? Why not take out our comprehensive fully-guaranteed personal protection policy, easy-payment plan available? It’ll only take you the rest of your natural born days to pay it off.


When you’re serving time in the Fear World then you’re playing the ridiculous game without knowing it. You’re too busy to know it. You’re far too busy protecting the unreal you to know it. Forget about knowing it when you’re stuck in the Fear World. Forget about knowing anything. You just have to make sure that you keep up your payments on the policy. Make sure you always have enough money in the bank. So you can keep the wolf from the door. Because that’s one bad wolf and he’s waiting to get you. Can’t you see the red glint of his eyes as he watches you hungrily from behind the hedge? Can’t you hear him panting? Can’t you feel his hot hot breath?





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