The Secret Word

I have a private word, a word that only I know about. I came up with it a long time ago. I can’t remember exactly when this was but since then I have kept that word close to my chest and not let on about it to anyone. No one else knows that I have it – how could they ever guess? I have never given anyone the slightest hint that I might have it. So as I say, it’s a word that I know, and that nobody else does. Nobody else in the world knows it, just me. Only me in the whole universe. Only me and no one else. I would never tell anyone about it. Not that they would understand anyway! It wouldn’t mean anything to them, not like it does to me. It means a lot to me. I never will tell anyone my secret word. I get worried sometimes though – I get worried that someone might know it, but not let on that they know it. This is my secret fear. Maybe LOTS of people know it. Maybe everyone knows it but at the same time they all pretend not to! It would be a conspiracy. What a discovery that would be! That absolutely everyone knows my secret private word, but that I don’t know that they know it. That absolutely everybody knows it, even though I never told anyone, and never would. How they must be laughing at me. That would turn everything around – it would no longer be my secret but theirs. The power would no longer be mine, the power would be belonging to them. I would have no power – I would be the butt of their great joke. A joke they would never get tired at laughing at. Sniggering at between themselves as I come into the room. Making a complete dick out of me. This thought keeps coming back to me. Ominously. The other night it became too much for me – I had to know. I had a brainwave – I googled the word. I googled the word but it didn’t come up. The word wasn’t there! The universe hadn’t heard of it. My private word was safe. Only I knew it, after all…





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