The Product of Choice

Smoke ‘Get Luckyheroin, the heroin with a better flavour. For the more discerning smoker, the user who wants to be a cut above the rest. ‘Get Lucky’ heroin for luck in life and love, the special brand of heroin for people who are going somewhere in life. It all starts with that first high… Yes it’s the Best Buzz, the Boss Buzz, the King of Buzzes that puts all the rest in the shade. It’s the product of choice. Why smoke inferior brands of heroin when you could be smoking the best? Guaranteed for that pure 100% smoking satisfaction – no nasty additives, no unpleasant impurities, just the pure gear as nature intended. The buzz they’re all talking about. Feeling blue? Feeling down in the dumps? Unlucky in love or in life? Then smoke ‘Get Lucky’ heroin, the heroin of winners. The heroin that says something about you. Why settle for less? Pure smoking satisfaction guaranteed and it won’t run around too fast on the foil either. Altogether a better smoking experience for the discerning user! Cultivate some serious style, win some kudos. Make an impression. Obtain more interesting friends with your newfound charm and easy-going personality. Feel like a King. Get rid of that pointless anxiety about life and boost your self-confidence – smoke ‘Get Lucky’ heroin…





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